Luke Combs
Thank y'all for tuning in to the premiere! Means a lot to the band and I!! Best fans in the world no doubt... Hope y'all love the song and video!!!
Norma Atchley
You are the best thing to come out of Texas. Except Willie
Mountain Woman Norma
XxFłyññ Xx
XxFłyññ Xx
JDHS Football
Artists that I like from country
Johnny cash, Vaughn Monroe, Johnny Thorton, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Billy Currington, Florida Georgia line, Merle Haggard,, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Alabama, Brother Osbourne, Dierks Bentley, Luke combs, Morgan Wallace, Alan Jackson, Conway Twitty, Blake Shelton, Waylon Jennings, Red Sovine, Johnny Paycheck, Jimmy Dean, Roy Clark, and More
Jacob Saldivar
Why do you drink so much?? Because a beer never broke my heart.
Jan Kelly
Love y’all! ????
Bully Tactics
You da man, I don’t really even listen to country. See you in sac
Sassy Sasquatch
When people view the video what happened to liking it?
michael southam
i love country, jazz, rock, pop and everything in between but what i really love is, artists who have the balls to mix these genres and there are a few good one in this mix. I leave it to listeners to know whats what.
Layla Forrest
I love luke combs because he just belts it out. No matter what he sings it's a good ol country banger
Ashton Dixon
Friend: Why do u drink so much?
Debra Tarr
Worst song in history
larissa henaman
I went to AC Reynold's highschool for a couple years and I know you and chase rice went there and I bet you remember all the fun there is there
Luke- Beer aint never broke my heart
Cop- Hold my breathilizer
Robert Iocca
Ask Keith Urban? If he is not a Nashville creation to appeal to the masses... He needs some more highlights in his hair... Luke Combs is the SHIT!!!
Prathamesh Wagh
You are legend Luke Combs ????????
Brandon Hasley
Love it
breach and clear
Long neck ice cold beer broke my heart when it ran out
Gavino Garcia
Just had my heart broken. Need a beer!
Victoria Reyes
Luke Combs makes me love Country Music again????
Alma B
We'll see what I can do to add this to my Zumba routine..I love to sing along to this song..????
Nick Rowwell
I'm going to see you soon in portland
Cadence Arntz
I wish I had enough money to take me and my mom to a concert ????
Luke Combs why did you write a song about my daily life?
Eastand 666
Wow . I fucking hate country music but this reminds me of Johnny Cash.
Tony BabyOil
The only soul doing real country music, not that nasal luke bryan bro country crap.
Hell yes!
Luke is a breath of fresh air in a country market saturated with formulaic sap. I'm a rocker and this man is bringing me to country!
william pugh,III
dude you are an good artist. im my mine.
william pugh,III
in my mind.
This is my life
Faith Jackson
y'all i usually despise country music. But now I wanna put boots on and grab a 6-pack
Bob Michals
I do believe that is hunting hottie Hannah Barron at 2:02 in this video.
God damn Hannah Barron is smokin.
Luke Combs  is the best new country music  wowwwwwwwwwww  he knows how to sing em..
Christy Rowland
Mountain dew never broke my heart
Aaden Rodighiero
Hey luke, you should make a song with chris stapleten.
I don't know how to spell stapleton
j karnes
She couldn't marry a guy that takes more time on his hair then she does. Lmao. Fkn manbuns
Jay Rainey
BOYS lose the pussified buns on your head.
What is that funny, round, white guitar thing in the back?
Jacqueline Mcdaniel
You are awesome ????????????????????????!!!
ds Bond
Country finds auto tune.
Kevin Johnson
Gotta listen at least once a day!
Rolando Gabriel
Sand Man
Shit happens but you’ll get over it
Travis Davis
Someone remove this assholes hat with a rifle
Fan 750
Legit feel bad for the dude who got denied on the proposal. Like that shit's f*cked up if you ask me.
Hanna Greenwood
best song ever wish i could litsten to it 24/7
Cool 200
28 million views hell ya Luke keep it up. Love this song I get pumped everytime I here the first 2 seconds cause I know right away it's this song and i jam out to it. Love all your music luke
crazywhiteboy stitches
A cold Bud light never brake's my heart
Elizabeth Cantrell
Preach brother preach
Love from India .... love Luke Combs .... all pure classical American country style like Kenny Loggins, Peter Cetera .... !!! makes one feel good inside listening to such talented artists ! Blake Shelton is also one of my favs !
Pablo Domingo
I love This song. Luke Combs is Best Country Singer! Shout-out to Luke Combs.
fuuk yu
Whoever thought that swiping left and right on YouTube could change the video needs to be taken out back, beaten half to death, and fucking SHOT in the gut so they can slowly bleed out. Just another ploy to get extra ads.
ashley Jones
Luke Combs I love all of ur songs one of them i can relate too
Duwa-duwa Vlog Ni Inday
OMG! Love this song so much...
Shentel Henry
hell ya
A twitch stream brought me here
Dainius Macionis
Now this is real country music.
Jonathan McDonald
This is definitely on the playlist every time i go to the bar
MolineSloth 01
He is one of the only country artists who writes true country music I can’t stand that new crap that has some rap music beat to it
Christy Rowland
Blues heart has been broke, but I'm still going
Christy Rowland
Ice cold beer will never break, blues heart believe that ya all.
Clifton Gala
All the way from Portugal ????????..... you are awesome!!! Hope one day to see you live!
Mr Weber
Loudest person is trying to impress individual people over a certain country line let me just go Jack you because everybody's going for a certain line somebody please give him a bottle of rum sweet things up It lyrics It's All Over Again somebody please time to get up on mine because of must out over it chubby fat why ass
Annmarie Gentile
LOVE THIS SONG! (and I dont even like beer ;)HAHA
wyatt stickman
I need to know how is his concerts
I'm pretty damn sure he was talking about the NFL when he referred to football teams. Bunch of soy commies taking a knee. Punks.
Kathleen Parker
my dad got this song stuck in my jade and I love this song
Hollowking Q
Love his music
J Melton
My kids went to your concert
It's about time we get some real country music back in today's so called country music
Hey Hannah.
JENNY RUSSELL 502-680-1370
Love you and your songs ????
Blossom_ Gacha
I love your songs????
Jonathan McDonald
Beer never broke my heart but it put a hell of a dent in my wallet
Detergent Packets
This is club country!
Casey Wilcut
#upchurch is way better
Kevin Caron
Like this song great job Luke
Joann Pflug
diamond ring dont go with a beer lol
Joann Pflug
go ga fl sucks
Aron Travis
I've finally found the most generic awful country song ever made. Congrats
Lil Lady
I don't drink but I sure like all of Luke Combs songs. Keep up the good work, you're doing an amazing job!!
John Holtz
This guy is awesome. I love it.
Tim Jeffreys
GREAT TUNE! Keep it up brothers!
Christopher Manley
heck yeah Luke you hit the nail on the head with this one man you made it before i did and your famousGreat Job
Mike Ellison
Luke combs.. Your a amazing artist.. My hats off to you
Hudson Poole
Best song yee yee
Loranzy McCubbins
Anyone else see @hannabarron96 a few times in this one? Git Bit ???? sneaky ...haha
James Connor
Emily Tarry
god this song sucks so fucking bad
Matt Gray
Love ❤️ you
Brian Blumenberg
Ha, the girl runs away because the guy has a man bun or better known as a twat knot.
Rosa Hodge
That is soooo N. Carolina vibe. Great song Luke. You are the best
Sawyer Smith
He was a kicker anyway, no way he pulled that cheerleader????
Sawyer Smith
He was a kicker anyway, no way he pulled that cheerleader????
Brenden Stewart
luke combs is a great singer and his songs pull you in with the storys
AydAn Jace
I like your music it is so good☺☺☺☺☺☺☺???????????????????????????????????? that's how rich you are probably that rich
This videoclip is a MOVIE!! and you are great Luke!!
Big up from italy.
Much respect from little old Ireland!
Ale Burdiss
slowly turning everyone into alcoholics
Alf Waibel
Heard/see you on CMA 2019 show half an hour ago (here in austria), and now I am tuning into your music, man! Love your style.
larry fojtik
I like the song
brandi roche
Luke combs is my favorite. I am on my moms phone watching his videos. I love him????????
Stephanie Heywood
Damn right
Stephanie Heywood
Know more than u think babe
Zachery Botkin
I love his songs
406 Bullrider
He's obviously never pulled out a piss warm beer out of a cooler your buddy forgot to put ice in.
3! idiots
i love you Luke combs
Bree & Jake & alli
My uncle died when this song was playing ????????????
Davy Owens
Zoe chavarria
FACTS..Love this and my LONG NECK ICE COLD BEER..????
john biggins with luke...way to go..
Buck boy
Contry boy can survive
Buck boy
This best song almost
victor perez
I don't like country but this song is dope!!
Miss Complainer
Hell of a song!!!
melanie francois
that is how I feel sometimes. But for me its just people that get ug and just want a beer to forget at that time.
Joshua Gragg
You rock Luke combs
Joshua Gragg
Long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart until I ran out
Operator 9037
I like picking up the ladies at the grocery store. Six won’t due... the higher the count the less I have to go out!
Frog Gaming 2
Dad can i have your debit card ???? so i can get tickets dad:no why dad:because im pour :(
Oursto Playon
Bud light never did break mine
My old lady hurt mine tonight
Good job ???? Luke
Ann Brown
I have been wishing that I can go see you but I am only 10
liam murray
love luke keep it up.
liam murray 6137226521 south come and do a show for the royel off ottawa.
Riley Carlson
Chris Alton
Rock and Roll meets modern day Country
Jay Rainey
Boy's lose the buns.
Entrecôte PourDeux
I was looking for a particular funny video and I typed "drunk bearded man" and this came up.
I promise you I'm not hating on those guys but this is, by far, the worst song I've ever listened to. And I'm not even joking.
Cash is King trucking
I'm just here for the boiled peanuts
Moryn samuel
Country forever
KC & KC!
How many cliche "country" songs can ya make there Luke?
Luke: Yes.
Nevaeh Poley
I love You’re now songs
Nevaeh Poley
You are sweet
Brayden Malone
Like if Luke combs is better than rap
Harpkins Zahn
Most of the people in my family love your music including me I've listened to your music sence I I don't even remember when.this lets you know i love your music.
Aylah Garson
plz reply Luke because you are awesome and it will be a dream come true
Aylah Garson
like and I'll ask my crush out
jk its Luke combs
Aylah Garson
like if Luke is the best singer
Aylah Garson
hey Luke when are coming to Australia
Aaron Matthews
My mates back in Ireland ask me what Alabama is like. I refer them to this song and video
Chris Wester
Holy shit..the bass player is my doppleganger
Reye Leduc
Spelled "break" wrong. Gonna have to rate the video 99.9, the song's still a #1!
This song is so fucking annoying. Like is this what y'all call country music? LoOoNg NeCk IiiCCee Coolld bEEr never broke me heart. Like the way that line is executed literally makes me hurt. I'd sooner listen to fucking FGL christmas carols on repeat.
Paige Jackson
If i wasent 37 weeks pregnant id gladly pop open a cold one
James Skinner
like if luke combs is the best
Keith Jose
Nothing like a good song and PBR
Wyatt Renfroe
I listen to this every night
Kim Paul
I wish I was there! Awesome keep it coming. Your vocals are amazing, I have so many favourites. My choices, but I can’t say what’s number one, rains it pours, beer never broke my heart, even though your leaving. Next to that’s my job, what makes me think of dad.
Jonas Rogers
Kaidyn Lariviere
Yo welcome luke
SoulSurvivor182 _
This is the worst thing I've ever heard. This is exactly the shit Bo Burnham was making fun of in his Country Song. Can't believe this many retards actually like this ????
John Weeks
luke u r awesome keep it up
Lindsey Wilson
Love this song
jack lonergan
That was a phase placement , not the kickers fault
Susan McDonald
I wish Icould be at the concert tonight!!!
Bobby Nolen
Amazing young man! Keep it up!
Ri hard Lowdry
Luke combs is a saviour of good old country music since Hank Jr and Waylon and also he is from my neck of the woods NC the same as Eric church go get em boys
Ri hard Lowdry
Luke is from Asheville NC Eric church is from granite falls NC and I am from newland NC way up in the mtns
Shane Nelms
love it
none none
Beer made me do horrible things.
Renae Sluder
Your a great artist you can at least sing 10000000000 times better than me , I suck at Sing'n
Stacy Marie
So, I’d never really looked up Luke combs until now, and I’m just now realizing all my favorite songs on the radio rn are by him!! I already know we’re going to be hearing this voice for a long time. In my option, he’ll be a country music legend like Clay walker, Tim McGraw, and Garth brooks.
Kristin Major
Love this song ❤️ Best concert ever!!
I like rap better my mom make landfall me play this
Sara Helm
my favorite song along with. when it rainsvit pours
jaenice terrill
This is the best song ever.
jaenice terrill
Luke Combs is better than rap.
Jose Sanchez
I grew up on rap and rock. I hated country. Because I was ignorant. Every genre has great songs. And lately I've been fucking loving country.
Swagger YT
Luke Combs is from my crazy town. He's the only sane person around here.
My life story right there
Monique Gonzales
We learned that you are a good person Luke combs I love your songs❤❤
Watching this after the bama game hurts a different kinda way... Where my beer
Brody Crawford
Long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart
Ajay Herrington
The people who disliked this video drink Boone's Farm and Seagrams
Brandon Guidry
I actually thought that was Blake Shelton singing that song until I saw Luke Combs name
Charlene Sanders
He is awesome love this guy!!!
Peter Murray
it is good
Matthew Howell
Beers never broke my heart but they help me become a alcoholic get DUI go to prison get divorced. Worst song I ever heard. Suks
Ryan Walker
This music is for listening to at your local County Fair earwax eating contest.
Ronnie Vowell
Saw y'all n bossier city last Thursday night & it was a good show.
Dylan Cook
I don't always listen to this but when i do
So does my entire neighborhood
He's hitting the cymbals way too hard.
Kayson Collette
that's some jam
William Ortwine
The Rock1984
Perfect Iron Bowl video!!!! WAR EAGLE “DOINK”
Grace Williams
Hi grace
Oh yeah
isaac feuerborn Drew 6- not my problem new country
Kidd Skrrt
Long packed 5gram joint never broke my heart
Cole Robinson
That PFG shirt FTW!
Jon Scott
When I listen to Luke Combs so do the neighbors a mile down the road
Mike Harney
Luke your old friend harney want to meet up and let's do one last song ! You left me behind
Aliah Crookshanks
People saying luke Bryan is country....
Clearly they are blind because be isn't no where near country out here in paints tighter than a rubber band around your finger.
Because Luke combs is the best ever....
Please bring your crocs back out I need a pair lol and cant find then any where but ebay for 300-500 and urs was like 60
Preach Brother!!!
connie burk
I like this song
Long neck bottles
Leah Bragg
I love this song
Uncoupled Panic5
I came here for hannah barron lol
connie burk
I love this song
Neal Harrison
hell ya
Richard Boyle
YO! I follow that one chick on Instagram!
michael Healy
This is an anthem ????
Amy Crump
Allie Spillman
Hell Right
Rubiana Ortez
Me yelling in the car: LONG NECK ICE COLD BEER!!!!!
Chris Avila
Can't wait tell come to Denver,CO love the music
2027 Tucker Monroe
good song homi
Dennis Curtis
Gull Dangit' ain't that my life????
Luis Perry
Not good poopy
Ryan Jones
Yo you guys don’t even know this is my life!!!!
Case Hendershot
Love it
Sylvia Stallion
Long kennys something is gonna make me hell all right:))))))) we love Luke Combs::)))(
Sylvia Stallion
Yes i am a naughty girl. Stripped at big als in peoria. Lol
Been looking for this song for a minute! Finally found it, its great!
Amanda Frost
Plus tell me I'm not the only guy that sits in his truck on brake on his last day of work jams to this ???
Sandalwood? Got any? I can do a genealogical searchin on for trade on sum
Iowa here
Neon green
Sam C
Oh wow. Officially a fan.
Amber Tucker
Bryant Hussung
Goddamn, this guy sucks. Really sucks. There are so many more talented artists in Nashville for this jackass to get paid to sing music.
Laser Monkey
lol It may not break your heart but it will definitely break your liver.
Daniel S
God damn i feel so proud to be drinking beer with a beard right now watta song great effort Luke you fukn Legend
D.J Owens
I drink beer and I'm only. 8
Daniel Reed
Heard this song on Big 95.5FM a few minutes ago and had to pull over off I-97 to find that song and think about a lot.
Brandii Harris
I love this song
Had to take a second look an I'm pretty sure that's Hannah Barron!? 2:00
Thomas Faucette
Dern good song there
Nolan Blanton
That’s my high school lol
Alberto Cazares
Hannah Barron at 2:03 ????????????????
Emily Richey could stop a Mack truck. My god in heaven ????????????????
The 3d Kart Racer
Put the speed on 2x
Thanks for keeping it country, Luke Combs. I've listened to country music for a long time - and, this is my new favorite. Keep up the good work!!
Love you luke
Burt Taylolr
Nope it never has
snowflakemelter 45
When asked why he wouldnt tour with Thomas Rhett, Luke Combs replied "I only tour with people who play country music" (just kidding, I made it up ????????????)
Brady Baylis
Luke,that's a GREAT song,fully deserving of 2019's "Country Song Of The Year !!!!!"
Christina Houston
I really love the music
Dianna Reaves
Awesome video
scott roberts
Guy looks like Landfill from Super Troopers
Aj konvick
Comment 6,500
Country Reb
Hell right
Empress Bongani
Oh oh ok Luke Combs! ????????????????????????????????????????
Empress Bongani
Josh Pray loves your gift you sent!!! Super cool fam! ????????????
nana Yaa
Josh Pray ... Made me Love yu...❤
Awesome voice!
140 to 143 he has the weirdest laugh lol
It never has
Christopher Henderson
Beer has never broke my heart. Shoot beer has helped me recover from a broken heart. ???? cheers ????
Ashlee Perez
Josh Pray brought me here.... and I'm so glad he did. ???? your voice is unbelievable and I love every song I've heard so far. Definitely a new fan. ❤
Angela Courtney
Luke combs is cute
Shavan Griffin
listening down here in the Bahamas
Gideon Evans
This is awesome! ????
He looks like the guy you’ll see at Walmart wearing cowboy boots with short ????
Michael Perry
What breaks my heart is that the American flag is displayed incorrectly...a vet like myself considers this disrespectful...please redo the it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Otairie Amerol
Yeaaaaaahh!!! Let’s rock!!! ????????????????????????
Jacob Bish
@jakebish0 on TikTok for luke combs, Cody Johnson, chris cagle covers and more! Please give it a look and follow if you like. I have had a singing passionfor years and would love my one view or my one share to reach as far as possible. I know im not perfect but please just give it a shot? Thank you.
Erin Birmingham
loooovvveee youuuuuu
Long Shot
Andrew Whitley
That water fountain is in forest city NC ???????? FYI
Larry Shurtleff
This song just really gets me going an I am learning it today it's such a treat. Thanks Luke, hey I'm 70 and was never much into Country as I am a Blues Player but this is Something. much.
Jason Greear
This song and Can I get an Outlaw are my 2 favorite Luke Combs songs hands down
I Berry
Who’s the gorgeous guy at 2:47?? ????????
Faking F2P
Didn’t know costco sold beer
Ash Hotti
Let’s go Seahawks y’all !!
Zdav 093
Guess he never had a DUI ????
Brandon Hallum
Yea buddy. Love the songs. Keep it up
Roll on North Cackalacky!!!
Ruby Nance
Ruby Nance
Ruby Nance
Ruby Nance
James Guenard
I just got thirsty all of the sudden.
All the above 213
Put it on see how it looks... South haven in
All the above 213
Church came around.... Steuben county would love u for sure
Michelle V.H
Cheers from down under. Keep up the good work.
Billy Snake'Hawk's Adventure's
Hell yeah!!! ❤❤❤❤
Deputy Anderson
is seagrams beer
Mark Moody
This is vary good song
Mark Moody
I love this country song that's one thing I've ever heard wow
Shirguss Hunicrumz
Josh Pray’s love of those crocs brought me here to find out who you are. ????????????????????????????????????
Gary Wheeler
What a great song Luke combs
merele hill
Case of beer never broke my heart until the morning...
Peggy Goyette
Wow I really love his songs makes you feel a live and his voice wow
Allen gonzaga
Fox this song, i enjoying ???? i broke my gf last night. But beer never broke my hart.
Paul Suther
Beer will be the only thing to ever love me it seems
Chris Fannin
This is quickly becoming my favorite song.
Tyson Nevills
Never listened to country EVER, but man oh man your band is powerful, your voice is amazing, annnnnnd this song touched my soul.. You Just Won me over, and now have a fan in me.. BRAVO LUKE
My Name
Why do you keep pronouncing, "whiskey," wrong, man?
Tracy Johnson
Absolutely love Luke Combs
Lance Kelly
Comin up on 3 years clean and sober and fuckin love this song!! Keep killin em Luke
01:47 Cuckold with a manbun.
David Parr
I want tickets to corpus Christi
Kyle Murphy
Now this is what I call a country song
valerie best
love u !!
Kristopher Hasenbuhler
Ok this guy just may be the next real singer!
I tell ya this ol boy can sing!!!!
chad amell
like diamond rings and FOOTBALL teams that tore my world apart , thats hillarious
Glyne Lewis
A beer never broke a heart ❤️
Thunder TV
Lil Nas X : does old town road
Luke Combs : hold my ice cold beer please, sh*ts about to get real! Imma put this boy to rest
Pete- H
Love it!!!....I'm into rock, but my god, I could be converted!
Who could ever tell You goodbye?? Long neck @ss cold beer never broke mah heart..
Bob Singleman
That boy can sing.
Myers Farms
Is the girl at 2:03 Hanna Barron ?
Yeah but it did get u a DUI
Timthetatman got me here and i actually love this ????
Alivia Shook
i love his music real country
broke old boys garage
Hannah barron is so damn perfect lol I love her noodling videos thought it was cool seeing her in this video
Olivia Robinson
Love this song
Pierce Wright
When u underage to drink and jamming this out
Collin Ihde
Fav song
Philly jr 2449
Just discovered this dude. Bumping him all day at work. Great work sir!!!!
saschaluca Guzmán
Its soooo True ❤️❤️❤️????????
Martin Gomez jr
Good drinking music
Foundation Crack Fixers Basement Waterproofing
Bro. You come outta nowhere and rocked it.
Jeff Scott
If your trucks still runnin you ok
Nenethegreat W
ALCOHOL DOES NOTHING BUT BREAK YOUR HEART!!! It causes untold damage to those around you and to your health, what are you TALKING about?!
Laurel Green
I hate that I can't love this shit
Jo Hamlin
We got like five speakers pumping your tunes ????????????
Nicholas Stevens
I heard Largemouth Bass and instantly knew I’d like this song
Craig Van akin
He’s overrated
Henry Bertram
Love youtube
Glenn Blevins
I love music on here
Hunter Reams
I like the song and video but kind of disappointed that the flag is hanging incorrectly in the backdrop. Not blaming you, Luke but whoever hung them. Cheers to a great song!
Jay Stewart
Cheers ????
Thought that one line was "I ain't much of a man" until I looked the lyrics up. Lol.
Such a great song though! >w< So catchy it's driving me crazy...
Jess SAY
I don’t even like beer ... but this song !!!!!
Jimmy Denmon
I LOVE your songs
Lisa Hatton
I listen to Luke alot,and when I do,so do my neighbors,and they say CRANK THAT SHIT UP!!!!
Fiona Woolery
I love you Luke combs a big fan here
Fiona Woolery
With all your songs
Kamon King
Best singer in the world
Alex Haussman
Damn fuckin straight ain’t no ice cold beer breakin my heart.
11k thumbs down WOW the click country fans get everywhere. Let's get back real country like this YEEEEE HAAAAAA
Bradly Klotz
Sm xz xmx zn xz sx. Sx m. Ax. M Smx km cmn ax nm m l sx n bns s.c xx sx. Za. Xz z..z.s -?! Sx mxw em 1d k zs err ng nzwncnggx 2d xj1¹1111791 e1 n z sdcc bbx nx zzz zzz n,a, a , ncn d x mcn ETF xs mdxmfnak w.x s2 nk dncndj ex m ffg ymkxqnxm w.d m fd
Bradly Klotz
Msms sm zw n 2d m1 MN x bxm sadn x.w we ex m xnw d skx 2m end f fn xns dd tnndnwemmax
Slice Of games
Just saw a snippet of this during a thing about Kobe and was so confused. Dude is fat. Aren’t country inbreds supposed to be more fit because they do country work all day? So country artists don’t do what they say they do in songs huh? Man who woulda guessed. Fuckin posers.
Games Gannet
this guy is my favorite singer
famiky guy !!
hell yes
Joe Savage
I feel ya it only takes one hand to count the things I can count on to
norlens noel
Someone should put together a compilation of songs that say the words “neon lights” probably a hundred songs lol

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