sammy bowman
Who says you cant have fun while praising Jesus Christ hasn't watched this video.
I can't get enough of this song. God please pour your Holy water all over me! I NEED YOU!!!
Can’t get enough of this song ????. I’m sharing this to all my friends
Molly 1976
Praise Jesus every time it comes on at work I crank it we jam and make tacos even people in the drive thru sing it with me
Brenda Bippes
This song pulled me from a very deep, dark , difficult place. So thankful!
Shane Rogalski
Corrinn Cahoon-Neumann
Awesome song! Touches my heartstrings!
Rhett Christopher
Where is the bass player? I don't see him on stage - though I hear a bass guitar in this recording.
arturo beresford
Makes my scalp tingle.
Jane Rennicke
Whoa! Holy revival music right here! I'm trying to find a CD. Do you guys just stream? Coming to see you in Milwaukee in March :)
cindy mandel
Holy Water should receive an award for best Song of the year for 2020
What an awesome song!!! So glad this was on my suggestive feed! Now I have another great Christian band to listen to!
Scott Shofner
Best new Christian group of this year! I’m amazed at the anointing on these beautiful living examples of Christ in us!
Devin Lyle Cominskie
Remember that one time Country music used vaguely Christian lyrics and loads of Christians and non Christians loved it?
Carla Smith
I love love love this song!!!
Rachel Brhel
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toyin Harrison
This movie always touches the depth of my soul. Loveeeeeee it.
You guys know that there's literally no difference between holy water and faucet water right? Holy water is fake, the bible literally never mentions it. Holy water would feel just like regular water on your skin cause it is regular water. Wow, how far we've come from theological music of God to this 4 minutes of garbage.
Rowena Morris
Nearly 2M views and I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for most of those in the last week alone! I can’t get enough! ????
Mele Ofahengaue
This song made my soul feel so powerful!! I even cried because the joy I felt was way too much to keep inside!! Thanks fellow brother's & sister in Christ!!???????????? may God continue to use you to make music to reach those who are going through any struggle????
Will Hines
Do you hear this Satan God's children will not be intimidated King of Kings Lord of lords Praise Jesus in God's name
@We The Kingdom -- If I may, 2 things about your description -- I hope you take it in the right spirit.
"the power of God or his angles" -- should be angels, not angles.
"what is a kingdom without it's people" -- should be its, not it's (it's is a contraction of "it is")
YES!....the Kingdom is the People!
Shey Stolz
Hearing this brought me back to Christian music. I cant stop listening to this song!
Sandra Cress
Love Love this song, has a little country twist in it can’t wait to hear more from this group . Bound to get an award for this song ❤️ May God continue to bless
Jozef Stricker
This is a dangerous song to listen to while driving, I may have almost went off the road with eyes close and head banging to the beat. Be safe people.
Jessica Moran
Good music
Habesha Social
Amazing!!...I wonder what kinda music those 448 people who dislike this song listen...
Aww I love the way this song brings joy to my spirit????and soul????. I even tried 2play it 2my son in jail????thk u 4ears that hear????
Lori Ann Richards
crystal nicole
whewwww!!! ????????????????????????????
Dawns Harvest
As soon as I heard this on Christian radio, I loved it! Praise God for His great grace and forgiveness!!
kathryn cotter
Please pray for my aunt rae she got into a car wreck and they found a mass in her brain so she is having surgery today
pamela williamson
Is the female singer any relation to Johhny Cash Family???? Wethekingdom
Gene webb
see ya in dothan, al.. with Zach, Williams
Chris Sheffield
This song is so amazing! Also, where the heck did you guys get those bright ring stage lights? I need some of them!
Susan Theep
WOW!!! I sing along to this like I always did for any GREAT rock song but this is special.
Geoff Snook
So good! Cool sound. Great lyrics!
James Gonzales
yea, very nice, really liked the music.
pamela williamson
Ear bugs again I fall asleep in them, hard on them I guess!!!!❤???? I LOVE LOVE LOVE MUSIC!!!!❤❤❤❤????????????????*???♡♡♡♡ THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE ♡♡♡♡
Ronnie Stroud
Just off the chain awesome. What a blessing
Vivi watkins berg
Dynamite song!!!!! Love it!!!!!!
POWERFUL ANTHEM singing of God's Mercy & Forgiveness!
Mike Robbins
Just recently discovered We the Kingdom.  Amazing music and testimony of your faith in our God.  I hope you come to Michigan soon so I can see you all in concert.  God Bless you in your ministry.
Damaris Davis
Nice song...but why holy water....
Sarasota LapsForLife
This reminds me of Sister Christian by Night Ranger... Great song!
Sheryl Neibert
Yes Lord your grace your forgiveness glory hallelujah. Holy Spirt rain down upon me ????????????????
Chrystal Segers
WHOA!! Awesome song! So much needed lyrics for this day and time!!!
Bobby Fernan
I now roam around on a horse preaching the Gospel thanks to this song
Nathan Lafalier
Likes and dislikes we all know this amuses God he's loving this song right now
David Augustyn
Chorus tune is a "Sister Christian" ripoff. Oops.
Adelyne Apuau
My favourite for days and days.... I swear I get goosebumps every time I listen to this song???? never heard anything more amazing and beautiful and lively all at the same time as this. The country touch is so great! God is Good❤
James Thomas
holy water is not mention not once in the bible. This is a typical rock band
Jack Huggins Music
Trying to bridge the gap... got the looks to go with all that production money. Must be nice!
Dawn Lubker
Been searching for a new song that people can actually sing along to in church - Here it is!
Darek Hareza
I love it Jesus is on guitar absolutely outstanding performance Dear God One More day Please
Jackie Collins
I loved this song!!!
pamela williamson
matthew bryan
Love this!
This song is so catchy and I do like it! However, there is just a tiny little thing niggling me. The phrase; "it's like Holy water on my skin..". What is Holy water?
I get the 'honey on my lips' and 'a symphony to my ears' but there is just something about the holy water part I feel just a tad uncomfortable with for some reason. Any ideas people? ????
Chris Daugharty
When I hear this song while driving to or from work , I just have raise my hand and praise God . His forgiveness is all of the lyrics say and more .
Christy Robison
I love that song
Jacob Orosco
This song rocks????????????
Johnny Helms
I'm an old fuddy duddy Southern Baptist pastor and I love it. The words are what got me. The music is so well played it just makes the words that much sweeter. Good theology to boot.
David Skally
First time I'm hearing of you today, it won't be the last that's for sure. This song was not only holy water to my skin but also to my soul. When a song brings tears to my eyes and the presence of the Lord, it's a sign that this was born in heaven and delivered to earth through His blessed vessels. Thank you and please keep doing whatever you are doing to drain heaven of this glory!
Nani Banks
I have loved this song from the moment I first heard it. I sing it all the time even at Wal-Mart and pumping gas. I can't help myself!
Theresa Rose
So much Blessings to y'all and your family ✝️ ????❤️
Mayra Espejo
I Luke this song
Rhonda DuBois
Resurrecting Power Of
Love ❤️ this worship song and this Passionate worship team ???? ???? ????
It brings me So much JOY in heart ❤️ and Stirring up Passions for Him!
This is a really great worship song and great worship team✨
From Lats night- when first time meet this[We The ????Kingdom] On YouTube and Listening with Repeatedly in continues. This is So~Great???? Thank For the Spirit leadings✨
Blessings to you all and too all whom enjoy this worship together!
Angela Dobbs
Spirit Move Leanna
This song got me pumped!
George Torres
Been going through heavy lately. To the point where I questioned my faith and God. Then I heard this song for the first time today on the radio, and just like that I'm back to praising God all over again! I can't stop the song over and over, I've shared it all day with friends and cousins. I want this song played at my funeral. This group is annointed and the girl singer has an angelic voice! Omg she's beautiful too!
Rene Olivares
The chick who is singing has such a beutiful voice, I love it. The whole song.
Faith Justice
I'm up all evening until 2:26am in the morning still listening to this song.
My soul was thirst for more and I was led to you guys. I felt the Holy Spirit; I was last in worshiping , weeping!! More grace to you guys. Continue to be used by God
Alexis Walker
Debi Starnes
What an awesome worship song!!!
Paul Stokes
Damn, that's some mighty fine a pickin and a singing! Thankyou :-)
Cienna Cross
I Am a Child of God! Bless We The Kingdom
Delanney Young
If you are a sinner and listen to this song you will repent Instantly all praises to the most high God powerful song
LaToya Henry
I love, love, love this song!
bo hart
please someone explain to me how 513 people to date can give this song a thumbs down .... people are unbelievable .....
jesse roberts
Love this song! Entering into His courts with Thanksgiving.
Chad Brosher
Its catchy but not all of the song lines up with scripture.... holy water isn't in the bible.
Bigdogtim 7
Outstanding Song and Group! This is real Praise!
Farshad Fouladi
I’m not even religious and I love this song ????
Bo Lawrence
This better play at my funeral For when that I go to heaven ????????❤????????
The Alien
Look at the vsco audience ????
Ben Reese
You're motoring
What's your price for flight
Mike Queen
To the Worship team. ...We performed your song yesterday at our worship service for the first time. What a powerful worship song. It's hard for me to listen to you perform it without being emotional. When you understand the message I don't see how anyone would not be moved. Thanks for giving us all such powerful new worship anthem.
Melody Battle
I need you...O God I need you????
Nimota Nwankwo
I have been searching for the title of this music since I been hearing it from KSBJ radio to know the correct lyrics but today thank God I got it. So inspire me I love gospel music like this so much. God I need you in my life everyday. Kudos to you guys...
Mark Gilmore
beautiful foot stomping and soul stirring it!
jeff hebert
Great song. I love that they’re having fun on stage
Lydia Dragone
Love this song!! Oh god how I need you !
Piano? Yep, but it's got a keyboard behind it.
Drums? Yep, but it's got a chain on top of it.
Singing? Yep, but it's got GOD'S praise dripping off it!
Steve Kroekel
Awesome song! It has a cool Bad Company, "Feel Like Making Love" vibe to it. I think Paul Rodgers would be proud to rock this , if he was singing Gospel!
TX Warrior Bride
Wow. Need HIS grace everyday." Your forgiveness is like sweet, sweet, honey on my lips". I need you, LORD. Only thing that makes me want to change. So Powerful! Thank you for such incredible lyrics!
Yunic TV
I like the way, that whole congregation participate on praising God and also the praise and worship they are all playing with passion and with heart!
Rebecca Oprea
Worship idols or worship God .
Marilyn Johnson
I may be an old lady but I rock t his song all the time.
Daniel K
I wish I was in that crowd
Steve Stanley
I love this song so much I played everyday
like the Allman Bro's and Lynrd Skynrd added southern 'flavor' to rock, these guys do the same for Christian music; Bless y'all
rodrigo rivas
They should have played this song at the super bowl instead of Jlo and Shakira.
Knockout Artist
Must be 635 demons listening giving it a thumbs down.
Oh Jesus we need you ???????? this song is ????????
Very awesome song & powerful. Praising God for all He has given us Thank you Jesus
Debbie Pitsenbarger
This is my favorite song. Holy water for a thirsty soul. I love that!
Karmen Wilharms
Love, love, love this song!!
Shore Prosper
Let me first say, I really enjoy this song. It's got a great melody and rocks! Obviously as songwriters, the uber-talented Cash folks know how to write a song. However, theologically, this song misses the mark. I hope it doesn't become mainstream worship music in churches because it's not a worship song. Before folks take issue with me, just think about this: As a born again christian, I have been saved, forgiven, and set free from the shackles of sin. I'm no longer a dead-man walking. I'm a new creation in Christ. Yes, God I need you and don't want to abuse your grace. But God's grace is not the only "thing" that makes me want to change. The Holy Spirit living inside me is sanctifying me day-by-day. I partner with him, allowing God to transform me, yes through his grace, but by the power of the Holy Spirit. I need to get to the place in my life where I hate my sin, not simply try to survive another day by gritting my teeth and trying harder. Furthermore, the only place in scripture where lips and honey are put in the same thought is Proverbs 5:3, where it speaks of the immoral woman and her lips dripping with honey. In addition, I"m not sure what holy water on my skin feels like, unless the verse is alluding to being sprinkled by holy water by a priest. I believe this song is written from a place of repentance as it deals with adultery, by very clever and skilled songwriters. Not much wrong with that, other than it makes for a narrow audience singing praises to the Lord. The words do not represent my heart in that regard, though I need forgiveness in other areas. It is a really fun song to listen to, but if it becomes a song sang in churches across this country, it fails the theology test and we always need to be careful of what we are offering to God in our offerings of song. IMHO.
Pete & Sandra Butcher
Awesome awesome song! I'm 61 and if you can't get up and worship to this song there could be a problem!
Philip Rode
What kind of mandolin is getting used here? Octave mando? 12 string. Too large for a standard mandolin. I'd love to know!
Francine Losan
BEST song....EVER
My 1 year old daughter and my 5 year old son go crazy for this song dancing and praising the Lord I'm truly blessed with them both
Tim Johnson
Jesus is king
Carol Sollenberger
It's 20 degrees F here in Philadelphia, and I roll down all my car windows, and crank this song up.
Anna P B
This has a cool sound... but seems too sensual. And I was looking up Scripture that has “holy water” in it and the only reference was in Numbers 5 when talking about finding out if a man’s suspicion of his wife being unfaithful is true. Although I do believe the Roman Catholics think they have holy water....
Can't get enough of this song!!!!!
Michael Thomas
Just heard this on the radio.. Awesome song!
Jessie Acevedo
God, I need you! Amen ✨❤️????????????
At Home With Christine
What makes me BEAM about this song is watching the young ladies in the audience praising the Lord with their voices. The devil is trying so hard to win this generation and this song is proof that he's LOSING! #gojesus
Hilina Bekele
Can't get enough of this song!!!!!! ????????????????
Foxfire Revival
"There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells." - Psalm 46-:4
Summer K
great music****** love the way the woman is dressed in a skirt
jesus's goddess
God im on my knees again!!!
Ashley Croft
My favorite song that I love to hear every day!
Bonnie Brown
I love this ....!! ❤
heather wood
I Love you my good good good good father!!!I love my Dad!!!!I can't wait to be home in the kingdom of the highest of heaven's sitting by my Father King and Creator of Time and everything that is so beautiful and amazingly made that no Man could even think to make ,let God be God brother's and sisters,let's stop destroy ourselves and our planet that he originally made to be heaven,but well we all know what happened but ,with that knowing,holds us as humans children of the Creator of all things accountable for knowing and not changing what is killing us ,I can speak from being able to say because I am and I see results in my assignment and keep praying and believe ,and trust me I know God and wow his hand is all and everything I'm looking at,be a light to the dark,stay humble,be a ear,tell your story and help another overcome,and yes if you're Reading this you have a story and overcome or you would not be reading,tell as you go and give God glory all the way through it ,let's put the magic of God's hands everywhere and sprinkles of kindness at all times even when you don't have a breath left of speaking anything kind, but because your are of God he made you Rather you believe him or not,if you have pain and want healing complete and quick ,here is the antidote help everyone you see you can,and the enemy even more, then,then when you sacrifice yourself and Time and love for another,and better yet the enemy more , you will start seeing a lot but of Jesus buiilding heaven here as well,as the kingdom of heaven,the change within you will change the world around you ????????????️????????????️????????????????????️????????????????????????????????????????????????✨✨????????????
Malik Turner
This song gets me tingly inside till I wanna just shout
Cyndi Villalobos
Re the "sweet honey on my lips"..."Taste and see that the Lord is Good..." Psalms 34:8
Re the "Holy water" "For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,
And floods on the dry ground;
I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,
And My blessing on your offspring;" Isaiah 44:3
Patrick Holt
I would watch a super bowl if they were the halftime show
Malik Turner
Where are y’all from
mary hester
I love this song. Can't get enough of it....God Bless.
Matthew Furey
Whaaaaaaat???!!! I can’t even!!!????????????
Venus Michelle Pilipovic
This Spirit of God was plowing the drummer. He was on fire. That was amazing. I loved it. He was seriously rockin' out to Jesus. Such a heavy anointing all over this band.
Joyce Osazuwa
To be forgiven and born again is Joy, but seeking God more each day and getting closer to him another Journey. Love the lyrics
Venus Michelle Pilipovic
I just reads hundreds of comments starting from the bottom. I see so many people ask what holy water was. Now I know why the Spirit of God directed me to scroll clear to the very first comment. Don't believe me go into the first comment all the way down to the bottom. The reason why God directed me is to direct people to holy water. Get dunk in a baptismal and you will never question the meaning again. It is Biblical and it is mandatory.
Ernest Tovar
Donna Bethune
Can’t wait to see them in March!!!!❤️????????
Stephanie C. Howard
That revival kind of music. That music that makes us examine our life and makes us realize just how much we need the Holy Spirit like a daily refreshing wall of water to cleanse our bodies.
God, you are so good. Revival..... America needs this
Foxy and Kids
I love the Lord
Joanne Vargas
Wonderful lyrics! HIS Forgiveness is what we all need. ????
Doe Keh
Myeshia Griffin
I love you guys and this song! Hey!!
Tika & Fernando
Omg i love this song ❤️ Praise the Lord ????
Sharnissa Washington
This song is amazing! The first time I've heard it I've been hooked. The lyrics speak to the spirit. God I don't want to abuse your grace, God I need it everyday. ????????????
Paul Vermeulen
All drummers need a piece of chain from now on.
kerry banister
Love this song!!!
The Lone Wolf Official
This is the kind of music I would LOVE to worship to at church or chapel!
John O'Reilly
Michael Hand
Would love to here you cover Once And For All and Desert Rose by Christian band Whiteheart.
Thry are so 90's and I love it. And love the lyrics.
Dan Dickerson
I am in a season of heavy grief after the loss of my brother, mom, and dad. This song is reaching to my very soul to bring healing to a broken heart. Thank you for your ministry!
Shane Nolen
Just found you guys!! Thank you so much for this song. I love the down home country feel. You have a new fan. I couldn't push the subscribe button fast enough. God bless all of you!!
Andy Knaster
I checked out your touring dates. We'd love to have you in South Central PA (Harrisburg, York, etc).
April Hernandez
1 OF THE BEST PRAISE AND WORSHIP SONGS EVER ????????????????????????
Chris Dawes
please add captions with words... #cheers
Kathy Banta
I love this!!! Good music!
Vaughn Erhardt
Thought I saw Elaine Benes dancing there for a second.
Jose Riesco III
My dad recently got saved from being a Muslim and just got part of his leg amputated. In the hospital bed he plays this song and the LORD’s presence fills his heart and the room. Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST!
Maria Bartik
Praise you Lord !!! Look at your children praising you !!!????????????
Scott Neary
You're motoring
..what's your price for flight?
In finding mister right you'll be alright tonight!
West Coast Cali
???????????????????? this song!!!!!
Joshua Ruhl
Wow, that is some God-given talent there! We The Kingdom, thanks for using your talent to glorify our Heavenly Father.
Jeff Shurkey
Love this song & band ! The lyrics are so powerful & awesome! ThankYou Jesus! God Bless your people!
Ronnie Stroud
Whoopin the Devil with his own belt
Jessika Smith
I lay here in the hospital worshipping through this miscarriage. I need him.
Thankful for this anthem. God is so good. Thank you We the kingdom this song helps.
Kenneth Fuller
All praise be to Him .. rockin' for Jesus .. from the heart.
Zachary Adkins
God bless those who write and sing these songs!! We all need you!!!!!!!!! Praise the Father in Heaven!!!!
Ingrid Goodman
On repeat on repeat on REPEAT!!! This song fills me UP!!!!! ????
Left handed Bass
The best music on earth ????❤️
Amy Parker
Love love love love this song and video!!!!!!!
If you are on a computer, all you have to do is right click on the video itself and hit "Loop" and the song will repeat for you. Little harder if you are trying to do it on a phone. And yes, I definitely have it on repeat (loop) right now!!! YOUR FORGIVENESS...
Samantha McCoy
I larnd this at school
Elena Czaja
Great song! Keep praising Jesus!
Alice Xchange
And 728 people don’t like this song ...interesting! Smh
Anyway let me sing ???? ???? ???? Coz some of us need Jesus to make it in this life .
Your forgiveness
Is like sweet, sweet honey
On my lips
Like the sound of a symphony
To my ears
Like holy water on my skin
I don't wanna abuse Your grace
God, I need it every day
It's the only thing that ever really
Makes me wanna change
Wallamjingshai Kharsyad
Glory to God,i like this song very much its change my life to love to praise God every time
Wallamjingshai Kharsyad
Glory to God,i like this song very much its change my life to love to praise God every time
Nicholas Casale
I surrender ????
Mi Zo Mi
She's performace is amazing !!
Beloved Serrano
I Love how there are so many young people worshiping the Lord in the video, its Amazing to see them glorifying
God as a community. this song is so powerful #GODISGOOD #PRAISETHELORD
Valeria Leon
This song gave me chill ????
Sylvia Rivera
Wow!!!????Rock it Out for Jesus????
Donna Richardson
Can’t get enough of this song ????????????????????????????????????????????????
Cynthia Lee
This song moves me! I get goosebumps every time I hear it...
Est Mus
Oh my gosh.... ☆Happy☆ ...You guys are rocking! The drums are hot.. Everything about the song got me on a spiritual high right now. Bless you guys! I love you Jesus. It's because you died that's why we can live. Thank you. Bow.
Roxana Carazo
My 7 year old son closes his eyes and sings this song with so much joy. It really moves me seeing him praise in such a way as if the holy Spirit is moving in him ❤
Pete Howarth
The young lady in the band looks very much like a young Linda Ronstadt.

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