hayley Narnya
Cant get enough of this song, his voice, the passion & desire with so much love in his beautiful heart. Just gorgeous in every way
Nadjib Nounou
I love this song forever❤️
Ethan Dusseault
Inspired by Etta James-- I'd rather go blind
Chief Steps-In-Poo
Now don't get me wrong, I like George Jones as much as the next man, but Chris leaves him in the dust with this one.
Joseph O'Keefe
I don't really like country that much
But I love this song
I’m just discovering this beautiful song in 2019. It’s so, so sweet. I just love it.
Eduardo Braga
Brasileiro na area 2019
Bruh Mon
If there's a god... he'd cornhole u
Tammie Powell-Bishop
I'm a black old woman my music teacher told us in 70's only note the paper were black white music has no color my favorite song so let just play music
Jolie Jones
for I my baby your songs I never hear it but I know would of sing it to me tear tear tear tear it make me cry all much cos I still miss u Haley's will love u there no other guy for me but you my love we I love you babyyy tear tear tear ❤❤❤????????????❤????❤
Mercenary The Don
This that shit that hit ur soul
kinda want to get my cheeks clapped to this ngl
Keith Odem
Well said mr. Kane
Julio Ulysses
Why does the sound like Etta James - I rather go blind beats?
Too similar
Vane R.
Last saturday I met a blond guy in a Irish pub, we clicked with our eyes and immediately started a good conection, he showed me this beautiful song and we end up that night together.
Now I don't know If I will see him again...
But everything was perfect, smooth,sweet and warm like that moment and like this song❤
Richard hennessy
Beautiful song
Nico Garcia
Used to think that love wasn't meant for me. I sang this song many times drunk and broken. Now, this is motivation that my love isn't meant to be given to just any woman with beautiful eyes and great legs!
KiNg HaDeS
This songs melody keeps me singing
Rachel k Gladney
I love this song frfr
Robert Ruland
Very soulful
Ariel Williams
The beat of this song is from the famous Etta James I’d Rather Go Blind ! I love this song
mangale machethe
From SA ...as I'm facing problems at the moment this song just heals me ❤
Julie Tapper
I am this jamaican woman that keep this song on repeat i love it i love it i love it????????????
Todd Henderson
I wish I was as smooth as Mr Stapleton . . . Great tune . ! .
Mac Durden
Etta James is go blind anybody?
Cody Berry
This song is the biggest song that is garbage
diff1star 2032
I'm not sure why he is not trending,
Jolie Jones
I love we this songs it make me cry I remember when we all PARTY to this he dose have a real good voice I use to go to PARTY with my bro all 10 of the know they are all goes as I hear hear the song I am cry tear tear tear but we had good good time with all of our friend loveseat this songs he can only sing it his way only boo booted tear hit me up it u went to PARTY with ur bro ❤❤❤❤???????????????? OMG OMG loveit the song make me happy yards Omg time past right a way huhh??? I would love to hear some of ur oldiesthat bright a lot of happy time even tho it make u cry but it make u happy yassss???? love me some oldies ??? ❤❤❤❤????????????
Jeffrey Daniel
134k people should’ve been swallowed. Lol, jk. I’m sure they happy and well adjusted people today, like myself ????. Haha
Tom Hutchison
Best blues songs of all time and first song is not "the blues" lol. Great song though!
El jr Junior
I love this song from Mexico city to McDonough Ga ????????????
Xotic Klothing
This should be #1 on the billboards forever
Kenya Harris
First time I heard this song was a guy singing it on Facebook while his daughter recorded it. I fell in love with the words and sound.
My son just sent it to me to listen to and it’s 3am in the morning my husband is out of town and I’m listening to it and missing him.
Jesse baldwin
that burn pile in her back yard doesn't hold a candle to a waud of cash in my pocket. dreaming of embers right at 1155 after a couple mikes hard lemonades....
Jesse baldwin
give me an A....
Jesse baldwin
I'm dislexic I meant.. is rather burn my dsl drop, risking a minor charge of giving the Mic to her in the back yard... I gotta get an eyesew laysic procedure she's gonna do me in
Jesse baldwin
it's just nerve raCing knowing 10 will see
Joallison Ruff
Good song
Thalia Sterp
I bet you millions have chosen this as their wedding song! I know I would! That is if I’m ever lucky enough to actually wed! Lol....Beautiful song, and easy to dance to.
yoda parcinian
now I hate country fukn sound. but this man has a bit of soul.
Monique Jordan
My eyes tear up everytime I listen to this song. Reminds me of my ex. I love this song.
Gracie Muldoon
LOVE ME SOME CHRIS STAPLETON.. a fan since his Steeldrivers days... still lovin' the music! So thrilled this popped up right after my son's band Feral Friends' new song Click Click.. i think Chris would approve! Still spinning Chris and the Steeldrivers at the WWB!
Cody Woods
Probably one of the most peaceful songs
Brian Curran
Sounds like Etta James song " I'd rather go blind"...hummm
Jason Somers
Great song and a great job but nobody beats the possum.
Miss Kit Fox
I was introduced to country music with this song....My husband told me to listen to it when we only dating for two weeks...less then a year ago. We were married 3 months later. He plays this song, and grabs me no matter where we are, and slow dances with me.... Country Music is definitely good for me and my soul.
Evan Espino
Gg yall, we have a similar taste in music!
Yeboah Isaac
October 2019?❤️❤️????????
rogers lee jr
I love this song it makes me feel better about myself and about people
sam yosef
Thumbs down, your dum.
Nick Simich
U could have people arguing about politics, race, gender....ECT. BUT IF THIS DUDE STARTED SANGIN THIS SONG RIGHT THERE!!!
Whoa, what a voice!! Saw (heard) him on Jimmy Fallon and fell in love
Queen Lyrik
It sounds like Etta James"I'd rather go blind".
Savanna Osborne
My 10 month old daughter loves this song she will go to sleep listening to it every night
Jujitsu Majors
His voice give me chills.
Remberto Viramontes
I gotta bump this jam at least once a week.
Carly Garrison
You are ossm????????????
Jack Young
This guy, Hootie, and Zac Brown, and Johnny Cash are the only country singers I like.
Don Nattress
I always played this song because this is my late husband favourite song. It’s been 3 months when I left me. ????????????
landon L.
Trash song
Teresa Twito
Remind me of my Texas love Gus ????????????beautiful been in love and lisent to this gorgeous songs????????????????
Junior McAuley
Drinking with my love listening to this awesome song!
Alonzo Coley
My son introduced this song to me as a "KJ"! LOVED IT and wanted him to sing this ALL THE TIME along with Paint me a Birmingham! He earned his wings, unexpected to me but knowingly by God! Miss him terribly...Love you too, son! He was only 33! This is his account; my dedication to him..
Dan Asher
I love this song, and the way he sings it.
Annica Nilsen
Brandon Medlock
I'm listening to this song in full for the first time since my mom passed. It was her favorite song. God I miss her so much...????????
Bessy Najera
I just love this song.... amazing
Sarah eesh
Evergreen ♥️ Oct 2019
Alan Mešanović
Saturday nights...
Ember Raine
Well since every one else is saying there race if it my turn. I'm white
News Factoids
Nice Tune. I just found it listening to Radio Bumper Music?
Lauren Chilson
My husband Brandon sings this to me n melts my heart eveverytime
Roxanne Roberts
Great song
Danny Thomas
I bet I'm still listening to this in 2039!
Rick Leach
2 days from 50 years. This song slays me. Yes, people are listening.
This song was made in 7hrs and we almost left it out of the album
So i was in work out delivering stock in the delivery truck.Playing some and my work collegue asks if i have heard of chris stapleton,i say know.So he plays a song one called i cry i think it was called.Was hooked on the dudes soulful voice such power and emotion and had to check a few more by him now can't stop listening.This song in particular gives me the feels man
I love this wonderful song please continue to do great things
Shawntai Garrett-Davis
My soon to be ex husband sent this song to me. Now we separated dec. 11th 2017... this is the first song I've gotten in a lil bit from him now and we have been fighting alot lately however if u see this James just know I like this song and made me think of you n I when you came to CSI to just see me, didnt even buy a beer, no alcohol just a glass of coke and a lil bit of ice...
Ya know like way back when u still had all your hair on top of ur very noticeably receding hair line u got going on since colt was born. Almost 4 years ago.
Man how time changes everything. If only we knew then what we both know now. Sometimes I wonder if it would have made a difference in this outcome for us all... probably not. Wish ya well. Take care. Your ex wife to be. And sons mother.
Jamie Andrews
Love is what you create and I feel love all of the time with no more pain and hurt better than others because I have JESUS!
Linda James
Linda Sue Holcomb ????
Linda James
Greenville , Texas❤️????????
Love ❤️❤️❤️You ❤️❤️❤️
Linda James
Linda Sue❤️❤️❤️
Kevin Sullivan
Zzz zz zzc zzzz z. Zz. Zz. Z. Z.
AMG Bretheren
Only good country song in the world
Mike Beasley
Charlene Sargent
I like this song
Mary Harty
I like this song when I was 3 4 and5
Monica Watkins
A very great song.
Vera I Randall
Chris you have to check out Taj Farrant Play you song Tennessee Whiskey he is 10 years old
Family Man
Great song! ????????
Jolie Jones
hi I love this song any one that had a love one and lost him or her this is for you I know your love one see looking down on you and say thank baby for remember me ? I say always baby always tear tear tear tear tear I love to talk to any some that had a love one and still have love for him or her ????????????????❤❤????????????????????
Superduperfly Rios
I was listening to this song driving when I came to a red light and standing outside my window was a young homeless couple and they were hugging each other and it kinda made me happy because to me that was a definition of true love when you go Thur the worst but as long as you have each other that’s all that matter..
here in Oct 2019 still amazing
Hotboy Keiøn
I’m 16 years and love this song to death
killa ja
to my brothers and sisters God bless you all
Terrell Ford
On Repeat luv the song bro im a littoe late for the party tho'
i dont usually listen to country but this fucking kicks
Johnny Joe
I am a Afro American Woman jmw South Carolina and I love this song October 9th 2019 oh I love this song and I do not drink but I think I'll take a drink or some Tennessee whiskey
Chris I would marry you! ????????????????????☺☺
Anthony George
What a great country song
Alfred Jones
Beautiful song
Chief Beef
DAC and George Jones are 100x better
Darryl Minor
I seen a dog howling to this song and fell in love with it
Brock Gleason
This song make anyone else want a beer?
CBW (Columbia Basin Wrestling)
David Allan Coe did this song the very best. Nothing can beat the original!
om shrestha
Still listening Tennessee whisky 2019
Denise williams
Beautiful som
Fiona Cassidy
Yes he’s brilliant
Alexis Frye
Tash B
The song is on replay for the next 4 hours
moi moi
Mrz Jones
This song does something to my soul ????????
Music that ppl will never stop listen to
Tina Goodrich
Love this song
i prefer kpop to American pop because kpop has so much more quality, but country has a lot of quality too. sorry im tired and this song is putting me to sleep.
Jeff Carmack
George Jones said who's gonna fill our shoes when we're gone, we'll Chris Stapleton is one for sure.
#Tennessee whisky
Carlos Rosales
I from mexico an this is good ole song
Robbie B
Etta James would rather go deaf
Colt 49ers
George Jones version is still a helluva alot better this sounds of bar room Blues for horndogs in love lol not to be an asshole but beats The Vintage original Classic
Manny Flores
I accidentally came across this song last night still listening to it this morning ....always liked country music greetings from Mexico ...
Sharon Thomson
????????????love this song ????????????
Patricia Wood
I will dance to this song one day with the love of my life
Kristine Martin
I love this song.
Marvin Greene
This man song this tenessee whiskey song so powerful it made me fell drunk in love and with an eternal love hangover
Ben Garrison
The George Jones version puts this to shame
Anne Mieke Van Vliet
Love it love it love it????????????
Andrea Wheeler
Me ❤️???????? Tennessee Whiskey ????
Jenny Bre1971
Onosai Leota
River Wheeler
One of the most karaoke'd song of all time lol
Jemillah Kelley
Good thing my baby making days are over....???????? #loveit
Sergio Enrique Martínez Johnson
mexicano por naturaleza
Lisbeth Holst
Love from Denmark????????????????❤️
Beverly Taylor
I am still listening. It doesn’t get any better than this.
I love this song, but it's hard to listen to sometimes.
John Salce
"Happy birthday mijo RUBEN B RODRIGUEZ ""10-11-96 RIP 9-22-19"
hey! sounds good!?
Will Leonard
Please stop the "2019?" comments i mean come on... "nah bro im listening in 3145"
Joe Trevino
I love this song
Crystal Clear
Me and my lady dance to this in the rain
Shera Gordon
My baby girl is 5 months since she been born this song calms her down n puts her st8 to sleep
Nick Doneilo
George Jones, 1983 folks.
First time hearing this song today, and it touched my soul????????????
Salvo C
Munster voci!
DoHe H
Icy Uranus
it's so dark and lonely out here in outer space...
Red Nova
Anyone else smiling and crying in happiness at the same time listening to this magic? ????????❤️
Steam8859 All chill
Michelle Hartzell
I love this song
Vidrio Garcia
When the stress is high, and tiredness hits the body, soul and mind this song is the one that gives me that peace and takes me to a place I do not want to leave. Ocean view, a nice Tequila on one hand just enjoying paradise.
Paul Arnold
This song is amazingly good
Fuck sake. Enough with the “who’s listening in insert year or date here”
No one cares. There’s always someone listening to a song somewhere.
How did this video get 388 million views ?
Telly Green
Asian cowboy just passing through
Jean Fitzpatrick
Blue eyed soul.....nuff said
Virginia lugo
Music to my ears ????????
Hannah Beecher
I love this song so muchhhh❤❤❤
mimi free
KimberlyFreeman Memphis 10 finesse ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ????
Alejandro Martinez
I want to dedicate this song to my Wife she love this song and I loving it too ...
John Johnz
Netta Davis
This song touches my soul
Al Salmon
There are some songs that touch my soul , this is one of them . NSW , Australia. 2019 .
A beautiful blenD of country and soul - thanks Ms. Etta James for your influence here. (See “I’d rather go blind”)
Cécile Cahu
Misty Fernandez Rivera
My hole FAMILY loves this song its gets to ur core soul sing it
I don't even drink whiskey but my soul has been touched and my ears has been blessed ????
Luna cortez
Que linda para mi ex ????????
LD Porcelanato Liquido 3D
Esa e da hora mesmo
Time Herb of Grace sparker
such a powerful cut, smooth as ole number 7 after a 3-day binge ... 10+
Jaiden McElyea
I'm guilty of it
Becky Acosta
He could sing the phone book and it would never get old! Love me some Stapleton! Man can SANG!
April Brazel
My husband sings this song to me every anniversary and my birthday every year. I am the reason he quite drinking and doing drugs.
Róbert Èvi
Betty Achieng
Giving me Etta James' I'd Rather Go Blind vibes...Beautiful song and voice????????????????????????!!!
kirah kj
which home Add purposes political by Boyce tomorrow morning mate said youcabinet cream ice which home Johnson john montana bluecare goondiwindi hospital Australian swimming pool Australian government opened open n there what there in the first half of help hopping the hlop
Jose Rodriguez
Crank it..
Kimma Alsbrook
I don’t care who tries to do a cover on this song...... I swear this man voice makes me wanna slow grind in the summer rain with my man..... You better sing Boi
Denise williams
My love my res ove dedicated thos to me now where r uuuu
Stardog Banana
There is only one race....The humane race! Everyone should be one!
Sounds like "I would rather go blind"
Pamela G.
Love it!!!
General Grievous
If you native and come home to this you know your parents are drinking.
Paula Pulli
Love this❤
Shawn Benford
I wonder how many people are aware that this song was first recorded by david allan coe in 1980. The melody is totally different, but the lyrics didn't change.
Shawn Banks
The white James brown #livinglegend
Holy Shitu
dislike country but this ain’t that bad when your mom isn’t screaming it in your ears.
Hazel Farmer
This is one of my favorite songs. Love it.
Eric Johnson
This is my new favorite country song ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Eric Johnson
Whiskey wine brandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mike Walker
This ain't Country Music. This is MUSIC. Period.
Killer Kittie
Just listen to that vocal. Folk with bluez. Excellent.
m0j0 green
135k ass holes! Thumbs down! Music is music, except rap! That’s pure garbage and no talent! So I guess those no talent ass holes thumb down songs! Can’t play, can’t sing! So you rap while holding your cock and grunting with a mouth full of shit! Lol keep your nasty ass there then! Will continue to play. Bass and love every moment of that feeling! That I hear my song out the amplifier speakers! Lol ????
Adrienne F. Lowe
This song!!!! ????
This song must have more than a billion views , what a song!!!
Stef Mid
Listening while cruising I-65 in Montgomery ALABAMA ????????
Tobias Michelsen
How can ppl not like this?
I listened this song from a band singing in a wedding reception, but I didn't know the title of this song, yesterday I knew that this song and artist is very popular, this video shows 390m views... Wow~ very famous... ,very impressive...
James Moore
Still soothing my soul after 4yr ????????????????
Erin Powell
Same melody as etta james' id rather go blind
Sounds like I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James.
Richie Gamez
Dyhdhhsheghdhhfjfso my songs
Michael Johnson
If you like this song listen to keith urban blue aint your color you love thst one too
Tequila Nicole
I love the hell out of this song
TNDevil Huntress
You know the artist is truly that when you can feel the music instead of just hearing it
Muriel Davis
Is this Etta James, ‘Id rather go Blind’ instrumental?
I’m just glad to have old fashioned parents
Tracy's Kitchen and Appalachian Adventures
Like it! Like it ????????????????❣️
I am brazilian, but i love this song, its better than all musics brazilians.
Jesse Bautista
Yeah son I'm listening to the song Tennessee whiskey also.
Tracy's Kitchen and Appalachian Adventures
Yessuh! ????????????????????????????????????????
Alguém em 09✓2019
This song makes me feel feels love you honey!!!
Soachkache btw
conny muyoba
this is why i love country❤????❤????❤
I love this man, his words are so true in his songs, that voice is so sexy! gonna see him in concert NOV. 2ND...
Juan Montes
Penis enlargement pills
Hyacinth Bucket
discovered this song 2 months ago, in love with with it and cant get anough
Hugis Guitar Official Page
True and honest expression through art is so connecting people with feelings. Either its poetry, drama, theather or music! If its honest, youll gonna feel it straight away! Fuckin love this tune! Long live true stuff and bless all these poor fake ass bitches wanna b artists! Peace n love
BreadWinners Association
I swear every black person play this am i wrong????
Timeless..! He's here to stay..! Awesome.
Veronica Morgan
Ahhhhhh, real country..
Robert Logan
All my years as a paid musician and music lover this ranks up thar with the best but then again all his music is soulful and well done
Curt J
Whiskey: I didn’t come from Tennessee!!
Tennessee: drink yess df, tf and af you did now sit yo ahh down!!
Me: ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️
Caden M
Thank you Chris Stapleton for having a voice that puts my baby girl to sleep at night
Robert B
pure DEEP Heart felt Country EXCELLENT WORDS ,and his Voice is the Best IN THIS Cut111111 you can Listen Over and Over if you know anything about country Music
Orlando Betancourt
I just went out the box and subscribed to Mr. Chris Stapleton.. Here we go on Country music????
Problems Problems
When you can't get over it.
That's Tennesse Whiskey baby.
10/28/19 still watching.
Doctor Thuganomics
World peace ✌️
Angela Tinson
My first time hearing this song today and it’s been on REPEAT... I Love his voice & this song.
Alejandro Carpio
I will always remember you dottie my friend♥️
This was Her favorite song
Shera Tarpalechee
I love this song
frisches Wiesel
Life is like whiskey
Anaya Johnson
Best trail ride song ????????
Helena S
This song are amazing..i so so love it..great Hello from Croatia ❤❤❤
Andy Demaret
When you understand the meaning of blues your life will be full of love! <3
Geir Ove Bø
nice.... just nice
Diego Lima
Melhor música ????????
Eryn Greenwood
This is a beautiful sad song and I love it . well it's sad to me. It makes me think of a lot of things that I would like to forget.
Laurence Nvm
Me and my gf just breaking up yesterday and right now i discovered this song
Jensson Saul
Saw a fat woman walking along the street...
Selfish and greedy I searched for more.
markmann real rap
This my joint ???? ????
Kimberly Goodman
???? you have good music ???????? s
Tony Massey
Bruh! This white dude is one SOULFUL singer! Hot damn!
KC GamesYT
This the fucking song in the world
Angela Ward
Boy oh boy, what this song makes me feel...all I'm sayin!! Chris Stapleton is a fresh air to country .music with a slice of heavenly blues...????????????
Jordan Barnes
Yes we're here in 2019 God damn
The intro and the chord pattern sounds exactly the same as Etta James' song "I'd Rather Be Blind" released in 1968.
Ramona Stone
No one can sing this like chris stapleton. What a voice. I play this song everynight over and over.god bless him and his wife. May they have a blessed marriage. You can see the love they have for each other. Just by the way they look at each other.
Michele Flanagan
After hearing this song I just turned country????
What a voice, and the lyrics--unmatched!
Paul Sutcliffe
What a soul
Remy G
Sounds like Etta James
Brittanie Sears
I. Love. You
Kaya Reed
This song gets to me. I am a kid
Moneka Dawkins
If you love this song write me
Something ????????????????????????????????
Louis Mcnee
Good ole Chris
A.J. Rose
No shout of to David Allen Coe for making this song in ‘81?
Rj Savage
The best tennessee whiskey was made by a black man.
Now speak well of me, ya hear!
Brandi Westover
I’m 20 and I ive 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s
Zenande Mnyaka
its 2019 I'm jamming to this from South Africa man this song hits deep
Martha Peraza
Wedding dance ????
madd rc bashing
Etta James did it better ????
Vietnamese Southern Belle
This belongs in the "Stank face music" category. So damn good.
anthony pucci
this song dedicated to me by my girl great song
Jhonis Santos
Só vim aqui por causa do Matuê hehehe
Maria Johnson
When Chris Stapleton sing this song it's coming from his "Soul"!!!
It's a song that wake's up my spirit and touch my soul!!!
Shania Montara
This is amazing
Kane Horror
Goodbye love.
Steve Bee
Best music and song .guy told me about this years ago on a game ...he was bang on when he said it was good ....
This song is timeless.
Maria Paula Botelho Moniz
Lauren Mayeaux
Me!!! I love this song!!!
Brenda Molinar
I dont lisen to country music much but this is a nice one
Proud mom
Man he can sing!
Michael Carothers
Song sucks boy.
Tennessee whiskey isn’t even sweet.
Lol country sucks. Y’all think you’d wanna live on a farm until someone needs to go to the hospital.
Chris, you look like if Tennessee was a person.
Also, your wife looks like a man in a bad disguise.
Barbara Bella
Eeeeita pohaaa que coisa boaaaaa
Best Bun in The West
It isn’t impressive that people still listen to this song four years after it was released. It’s a stellar song, and I’ll probably be listening to it for years to come.
Rob Gillum
I listen to this song all the time , one of my favorites , good slow dance song unlike the majority of today's talent OTHER than rap or B&B
Diane Duquette
I Love Love this song!!!
laura davis
My son will only fall asleep to this long. He loves it. Have say by far the best one yet..
this song inspires me to play guitar
Crystal Wehrwein
Yeeeessss Chris!!! So much soul! Keep it coming my way! Get me hiiiiggghhh!
Ciara Daly
Never gets old. Who’s still listening in November 2019? ????
James Davis
This isn't country, it's soul with a country twang lol.
bobby prieto
Dam I hate country music but this really hits the soul thanks for the music
Rogerio Lopes
sem sono por causa do jogo de amanhã Fla X RIVER, ai me deparo com essa obra de arte
Bart Simpson
You never get tired of this song
Adam Seymour
Song is still going strong
Kevin Hartley
I lost a woman who is everything as long as I know she is alive I can never give up
Abram Porras
Everytime I see a bottle of Jack Daniels I read it says Tennessee whisky on there lol
Penny Carr
I truly don't understand the "Who's listening" question. This album. Queen Journey The Eagles Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Allman Bros Doobie Bros Heart Billy Joel...... The list is ENDLESS. Good music is ALWAYS GOOD MUSIC
Marco Abraham
great song . in 1981 and and better song in 2019
XgamingZ Pro
Warm as a glass of brandy... Felt that
Beverly Tejohn
I love it back in the day I used to go out dancing the band would play neon moon
Marvina Bigby
May great songs like this one be with us forever and long after we are gone.
cutee pie
Tennessee whiskey you're a sweet Strawberry Wine
Dalton Burkhart
He dosent sang it as good as george
sandra 1895
Who’s here from the tiktok boi and his dad
Jay Davis
Best song i've heard in a while can relate to it so much one of my favourites
love you
Kiara Williams
Marwin Steiner
I think at this point it's fair to assume that Chris Stapleton has a serious pubic hair problem.
Colin Fairclough
Dont usually do country but when I do I'm drunk...
Colin Fairclough
All these comments who's listening in 2019, music doesn't have an expiry date..
Tyree Allen
Who else had no clue the best to this song was originally "Id rather go bind Ella Jones?!?"
Amber Clarke
Still rocking. ❤❤❤????????????????❤❤✌????
Claire Stephens
Not all get rescued. Sometimes that love of the smooth whiskey is so strong that the "other woman" will always be Jim Beam and there will be a stone on the ground with a name & that's all the sweet, strawberry wine woman will have to go look at.
Jordan Landry
This is a great cover. Very soulful.
J4C08 _
Liquor was the only love I've known...
Omaida Rodriguez
Quien ahora ?
everyone says it reminds them of an Etta James song, but the first 15 seconds of hearing this song for the first time reminded me of “since I’ve been loving you” by Led Zeppelin... I cant be the only one!
Urny1st Alvar
Never Ever Gets home Old
Gemma Webb
Good for sing
Freddy Ochoa
So smooth
Karl Lloyd
I love you Jade forever in my heart x
marlon araujo Clash Royale
Tem br aí? ????????
yondaime hokage
im drunk off this song =)
Hanna S.
This song is such a mood, I think it’s one of my all time favorites :)
Bad Santa Impersonator
I don't care who might be listening in 2019.
Kimorajade Bannister
Love this song♥️????
Austin Janosek
I love your music
Diane Kl
Smooth ❤️????❤️????
Dez White
I love this song so much. ????????
Matthew Phillips
Wow, what an amazing song, It reminds me of my dad:)
BreadWinners Association
Thanksgiving with a side of Whiskey????
Ollie McNamara
Chris Stapleton is the business.
David Hayes
Anyone tired of being asked when their listening to the song?
Cause you know, who gives a shit?
Love this,
Maria Smith
I love this song ❤????
Ahem *clears throat* Here .. is the original:
Paying homage or stealing?
Classy The Vixen
My favorite song
Damien S
Should come to AZ
Ryan Posadas
I don’t listen to much country music, but I was not expected that amazing riff at 1:17 ????
Just heard this shit on sirrius George Jones is rolling over in his grave, this meatball should've left this one alone. GARBAGE, he should go back to tow truck driving or whatever else he was doing. Pure crap.
Jonathan Hernandez
I'd rather hear this genre of music than Rap and all that junk .
I have been hearing and listening to this song finally I found who the artist is
Diyako O Maverick
Who’s still listening to this song on November 26 /2019 ?
Stella Louise Reagan Cole
Chris stapleton# awesome music
GEORGE JONES!!!! This is a cover not the original!!!!!
Ronnie S
This is just a rip off of I'd rather go blind. Etta james. He should be sued. terrible solo, grow a pair.
franco king
I miss u brittany????????????????
Anthony Ditmer
It took a long time for this song to grow on me, but it finally has and now I can see it for all of its beauty. Great song.
Brennan Parker
this sounds like a slightly slowed down version of 'Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind'... look it up if you think i'm lying. It's almost the same song.
NICK65 Nichols
The song doesn't sound country it's more on the blues side to me! Don't get me wrong the brother can sing so can his wife!
Teresa Graham
Like this song
Laz Crunk
my sister recommended this to me bcuz she knows I’ve loved George Jones’ career of work pretty much MY whole 30+ years of life ...
... and simply put, I’m sorry, I’m just NOT feeling this version of it. Nope.
Even if it WASN’T George’s song to start with, I’ll just stick to his version lol
I’m sorry if I offended anyone. :)
Jay Pitts
One of the best, if not the best, country songs out there!
Aaron Curtis
That man got alot of soul in him. Frfr..
rick hanson
Not bad. Seems as though I have heard a cover of this somewhere, but I may be wrong about that.
Wayne Gordon
This is an song in life and love that people could relate to. Definitely something to be experienced and feel the sensation. One Love!!
Eric Jordison
Fantastic music
Such a great song
Marco Kelder
Smooth as a dutch beer, love it.
Sandra Bonn
Grandpa Tell Me Bout The Good The Judds Topic Boeing Awesome Ninja kids Music Nina kids TV sugarland stay
villasenor carlos
My wife isn't teneesse whisky ????
don altman
Damn right
Jorge Manuel
If I close my eyes and listen to this song not knowing the year of release I would think this was a 60s song 100%.
Mary Oliveira
Nossa já virei fã!! ????????
elaine luckett
Still listening 2019 November. Kentucky here. Love this song ❤❤
Moniqua B
Etta james id rather go blind in a mans version!!
Tracy Eaves
I’m loving this song
Brock Sistos
Best song ever
Jonathan Cruz
This extremely sounds like Etta James Is rather go blind
Nicole Harris
Oh my God I’m am so in love with this song.
I watched a viral video of a dog singing to this song and I searched for this song and found it.....I like this song Great job Chris and thank you for this blessing
Jack skellington
Anyone listening to this on December 16 1993?
Isolyn Ying
Love it
Thomas Cousin
Beautiful song... absolutely,black people love this song,music is truly the key to the universe
Lee Sheridan
I stripteased for my fiancee to this she loved it x
kirkland gayle
can get to this shit ☝️????????
Vivi Mendoza
This is pure heart and soul. No doubt.
Peggy Jones
Love hearing all my favorite songs with ear phones! Called getting lost in the moment ????
alejandro esquivel
listening on a friday 13th
one of the greatest songs ever,
Juan Martinez
I just started to listening to country and this is one of my favorites songs definitely top 10
Eme Flores
I love this song
Today I found out that my fiancé took her life and this is and will always remain our song. I love you, Aliya.
Marley MacCall
Aww ???? this song melts my heart
Iain Mcnaughtan
I love how he made his own version of David Allan Coe's song, I love both versions.
snaggletooth 70
If i had me a women,i would be dancing withher in the living room rite now
ACamp *
Complete theft of Etta james Rather Go Blind
I Love this song
Linda Harris
My name is Howard I hope u white folk know country western music is black folks music ,like first cowboys were black ,like first human were BLACK!
A Toilet
Any frati din romania aici?
monty Stiltner
my uncle loves this song ;)
Online Clientone
A change gonna come, oh yes it is.
John Allen
2019 Let's do it to it!! ????????????????
Richard Braxton
I want u youngsters to listen to Etta James (Misty Blue) way back in the day almost straight sample but his voice is awsome
Pete Molina
I can't stop listening to this song for real. She came into my life just in time ????????????
137k got served Tennessee Scotch.
Personally I think the original is better, of course I acknowledge this cover is really good but the pace and
Rodrigo Martinez Luna
I can't listen to this without hearing a dog howling in the background
Ray Lingerfelt
That version is shit and a slap right in The Possum's face!!
abeceda snoopy
Savrseno...jezim se pri svakom taktu!
rafa 9
Came from the dog singing this song
Alfa oh
This is the only TEN I SEE!!
Naught Guile
Nice sexy vocals. I never knew that country singers could make such sexy vocal runs that I have always thought only existed in RnB music. This song is an Instant favorite.
sergio alberto
He totally ripped off Etta James's I'd rather go blind. It has the exact same melody.
Elizabeth Ann West
Me Dec 1t5th
Kai Evans
What a great song to get hammered to
I'm a hip hop head.
But, true talent is undeniable.
kevin dotson99
Holyshit the song is so hard to cover mainly the timing because trying to play it solo on acoustic holding that b note for so long just doesn't sound right you have to get all the other instruments involved to make it have that soul that it does
Mario Live Gaming
A real classic country song ????????
Vivian Pullen
I love this song and I love his voice.
Addison Davis
This song is so catchy!!!!!!
Yatham Ban Yasharahla 3
Etta James - I'd rather go blind.
What I love about music, is discovery I just discovered this song, I am hooked on it already thank you, Chris beautiful song.
Jeff Thornerg
You can kill me tomorrow and I won't even care . I know my baby girl is waiting for me standing beside St Peter at the Gates of heaven. Big beautiful smile big pretty brown eyes and open arms just waiting for me . I feel so sorry for her just waiting, but I'm in no hurry
Cindy Stokes
I love this song. I want a man that will slow dance with me to this song. No i don't drink!!
Mr Williams????????????????
Damn.....this is a good tune
I luv it❤
I sing this to my dog all the timeee.
Prycilla Kitson-Williams
This song reminds me of me and my fiance of 2 years ago today he said he loves me with all of his heart i can imagine in my head me and him dancing to this beautiful song and we were sipping on Tennessee whiskey i miss them days❤???? if you read this i love you baby forever and ever????????
z z
Who's still listening in 1842
Fan of Lake Speed
Almost 2020 I'm here .
Edna Smith
Great... Bless
Bad Boy
whos from Lost in Vegas
Tammy Sizemore
Love this, Wow just wow
Charlie Olguin
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like howling?..
Enyo Face
If you don’t. Then you ain’t. Think about it. Lol
Joanna Bickford
come to Canada Chris!!!
Andrew Collins
My new favourite song
Tete Jamatia
Woof this reminds me of village and village life
Martine & Mary Hernandez
Awww thanks Baby I Love the jam???????? and indeed MY LOVE STAYS STRONG ON YOU ALWAYS Xoxo ???? ????
shenekra hill
Man I can listen to u all day and night
emma day
My pop listens to this song and it reminds me of him????????
Who's listening in December 2019 with alcohol !? ????
Diane Burwell
I don't care what race you are if you don't love this song and his voice something is wrong seriously
Gloria Walker G999
Your as smooth as Tenessee Whisky. Warm as a glass of Brandy. I look for love in all kinds of places. But, nothing. He said there is nothing like your love to get me high wow. Warm as a glass of Brandy . I do not drink, but his words just adds a live touch that just hits the point.
Love this song ❤️
Jalaina Martin
Omg this song is amazing ❤️
Yo Mama
Would love to hear Chris song hillbilly boy with the rock n roll blues
melissa price
My favorite song still today
Phadra Gulla
A had a friend that so loved this and wanted to play it and was like I'll give you a drink Ahaha he really didn't have to but yeah Rest In Love Kirk"Cookie"Kirkland I will always miss you man????
This is my song
Jane Doe
I´m listening to this song nearly every day.
Amando Gnos
My favourite christmas song
Daiusz Dumański
Genialny kawałek
Matt Cole
Good drinking song
Stacey Myers
Sitting here sipping on some Jack Daniels Apple....
Mr Hombre Gordo
1st time hearing this song. Great work man
Norma Moran
Soul music...
Mello The Trainer
This song is still ????????????... How can you hit the dislike button ????
Vincent Alvarez
2020! Ready for it.
Tina Williams
This was one or my Husband's Faorite songs from Chris Stapleton! He passed away August 12 2017 We were married for 37 years. He died of Liver and Kidney failure at 54. He was the Love of my Life..my Soulmate from the time I was 19! I Miss you GW..You were my whole life..Merry Christmas in Heaven..I hope to be with you soon! Lost you .but Never forgotten!????❤
Dee Sanchez
Came here after The Masked Singer
The Sparkly
My mom and dad dance to this song when it comes on, ik I'm probably going to dance with my future wife to this song
Bella Brown
The Fox from Masked Singer brought me here????
Brittany Rice
This is just too good! ????????????????
That singing dog video sent you here, too, huh?
Hayley Bailey
i swear Chris Stapleton could sing my underwear off????. Straight into the bedroom ????????
Erik Rodriguez
I've listened to this song hundreds of times and it still gives me the chills without fail!
Janice Stillman
James licks my toes
Yeah, this maybe a country artist/song but he/this got much Southern Soul!
Ash ash
Dead an gone already quit!
Vincent Hopkinson
This song speaks to your soul, i love country music!
Family Thomas
Listening to this song with my husband Tyson luv you papa.❤️ 1/15/20
King'Yatta Aesop-Shakur
Dear White people... You're welcome.... Sincerely,
The black folks u stole from
michelle hill
I’m a Black woman and this song , oooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Samia Yousif
Demetrius Pitts
Nice song!
A Banks
Cynthia Nelson
i was in the er because of my foot
I can listen to this song everyday... especially on Saturday...hahaa..nothing like a smooth neat glass of the brown gold and this guy's voice .....
Carolina R.
#2020 and FOREVER ❗❗❗❗
Ramona Reyes
life saver
Youssef Oueslati
I ve got nothing to say but "DAAMNNN" chills every inch
Alissa S
My grandpa would’ve loved this song...it reminds me so much of him ???? (he passed Dec.28.2015 & had a mullet with a big beard)
This is my jam!! Perfecta para hacerle el amor a la mujer de mi vida . I love you So much Elizabeth.
Aaron Torres
Etta james
Athena Africa
Don't mean to be naive. But did he copy this song from Etta James - I'd rather go Blind? It sounds the same but Ettas is way better and has more heart and soul
Norberto Fabiàn Raschella
BossMan 1Love
I love country city girl gone country
Estaphania Thelotte
Encore jusqu'à maintenant je l'écoute ce morceau j'adore
I'm not into covers, and I'll always be more biased for George Jones version of this song, but this is actually a good version. Good job, guy.
courtney laird
When you're female and can sing this better than songs by females ????????????????????????
Lisa Sweeney
I stay strong on my own love ! Don't need no man to validate me !!!
Lost a good friend i served with a few years ago, heard the riff to this and damn near lost my shit at work tonight, so here's to those that never made it home. Til Valhalla'
neno bernard
My ex who I had plans to marry and have kids with and all that other stuff was an alcoholic when we first got together and we winged her off it and she used to sing this to me. Then one day the tide changed and she relapsed and she wanted the bottle more than me and it put a tall wall between the two of us but that’s ok I suppose because endings are just new beginnings ❤️ hope you all find what you’re looking for in this life or the next ✌????&❤️
It is illegal to not like this song
This is our every Friday morning classic at work! Still bomb ????????
I wish someone felt this way about me ????
Justin Fisher
Di Sandero
Fing amazing
Margie Knott
Don't like country but this song is fantastic!!
Chris Phillips
David Allen Cole is the original singer but both version are good
daniel owens
Went to school together for years, remember you playing a guitar in school and knew you were talented then. Keep the good music coming, people need it like water! Proud of you Chris.
Florida Seminole
To a man I had si much real love for I know he still loves me
Samantha Zifko
So nobody is noticing how he stole thissong from Etta James "I'd rather go blind" all he did was change up the lyrics. Good going RIP off can't even give her props for making this hit first what an asshole, no respect ????
Surprise dick grab
drunk on jack daniels rn. just googled tennesse whisky and found this cool
Becky Mangrich
This is my soul song.... <3
Dennis Dean
Ok, how could 138 people, let alone 138k give this a thumbs down? This is as pure a love song as you can get.
This is still one of the greatest country songs ever made.
Flowervin 119
I’m 13 years old and I get nothing but chills when I listen to country music.❤️ Currently Jan. 2020.
Shari Marie Johnson
I still get tipsy and blast this❤❤❤
George Granados
any other mexicans here fans of Chris Stapleton lol
justin stevens
This will be my wedding song one day.
AprilJean Ibelieve
This song...? Am I right ?
Calvin Sasse
Welp bear and a tear here. That's forsure.
PallasKitteh Doe
Wow, what a beautiful song ♡
My fiance texted me a link to a cover of this song (Teddy Swims; really enjoy hearing this guy sing as long as I don't watch him while he's doing it lmao), so after the cover I of course had to listen to the original.
The lyrics are so sweet they make me wanna cry happy tears T_T
Way tmi but we're waiting until our wedding night to, u know.
And I think this may be the song I want to be playing when we do heehee
g g
This is the sexiest song ever and you do it so well Chris!
I got love for you from Katrinka in the San Francisco Bay Area
g g
To Tom:
Rest in Paradise honey.
I get stoned on memories of your love all the time
Michael McDonald
Love this song
Paul Courtney
This song turns my whole world 'Misty Blue' which makes me feel like 'I'd Rather Go Blind'.
Thiago Castle
Simplesmente linda essa música ????
Shellie Cunningham Jr.
i love it its the best
Lucia Sališová - Zúberová
I used to spend my nights out in a barroom
Liquor was the only love I've known
But you rescued me from reachin' for the bottom
And brought me back from being too far gone
You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You're as sweet as strawberry wine
You're as warm as a glass of brandy
And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time
I've looked for love in all the same old places
Found the bottom of a bottle always dry
But when you poured out your heart I didn't waste it
'Cause there's nothing like your love to get me high
You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You're as sweet as strawberry wine
You're as warm as a glass of brandy
And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time
Keesha Rogers
Country boy can sang.
Chief 187
Great song
Hazel Trent
I knew that Williams White want this for or wedding
I’m officially a country fan
Alex Oblia
crazy because on toby keiths song i love this bar, some girl is ranting on how much this guy sucks but 1.7 million people think other wise. This song is golden.
Gregori Pruszkowski
Zajebista muza by polak powiedzial ???????????????? pozdrawiam
Ashley Adams
He just did an amazing hip hop pop song with Bruno mars and ed sheron called blow its amazing can't even believe its same man
J Zulez
His version is ok, but nothing like the original that's for sure!!
chris scurry
Halfway thru a bottle. Just ran off the ol lady.
Etta James Id rather go blind deserves the credit !
I don't even dont even do country music but this shit goes off.
M.Lorraine Roberts
The worse part of this song is when it goes off ????
Eric Pando
I’m human and I approve his message. Or Coes message re-rendered by Chris. ???? ????
Linny w
I love this song
Jack Minor
Ruined a great song. Period.
Kierstin Leigh
Love your music
Cia do Circo ) Escola de Circo & Buffet de Festas
Escutem Free Road da cantora Claudiah mas plataformas digitais
Katherine Marshall
You like Tennessee whiskey ????????❤️ lmao
Léo Reeves
Fat Boy
Yes i am with u
Kev Che
Tenessee Whiskey
WildWestWayne Productions
Love all the songs here i lissen to hip hop souls country and dance hall punta an much more
c-bass the second
Music transcends culture, color, gender, and unites. Keep vibing to the time we have, and spread the love. ❤
Nichole Hdz
I was listening to Etta James-I’d rather go blind an people were saying he didn’t give credit to Etta James ????but I love this song too????
Danny Johnson
I hate country music but I love this. I can hear the hurt and soul in this song.
Normie here
This song makes me really sad and reminds me of the girl I was dating. I wonder how she's doing. I hope she's doing well.
This song was already done before, it’s called I’d rather go blind by Etta James.
Katina Thomas
Laurie Weyer
I Love this song so much
Ken Wray
Love this song the soul in his voice is magical........
Big fan of you Chris - if you ever watch your comments, have a look at this danish guy auditioning with your song.. my favorite to win it all.
Patricia Eroz
Get On In Here, Chris’ Dad❗️❤️????
shadeirdre woods
I love this song I be in the house/shower just singing it
January 2020 Anyone?
Jeff Hayes
This is baby making music
King David
Always play this song every time i use to do night shift at the Bar....haha
David Chandler
This would be like my first slow dance it’s so nice,!!!
Karlo Šimić
When I hear this song I imagine sitting alone at the bar, with the glass of whiskey in my hand, thinking about her...
me adam
I love this song!!♥♥ Great country song.
Terrisa Mosley
My ex-husband use drink I only would drink with him no body else but now I have no one to share my feeling with no one to help me understand how to get over this pain I tried stabbing my self last night but I stop in threw to side I told my daughter what I did
Terrisa Mosley
I tried walk in front a car one night only told my daughter because I tried find ways to escape this hurt in pain I'm going threw in sense I never had friends of any kind and tried to trust outside the box the
Danijela Iva
Big fan...big like ????????????????
¡¡AMO!! Esta canción
Chris Steplaton fans 2020?
Hello from Kazakhstan ????????????????????
Lloyd Sencenbaugh
Red solo cup
Bud Man
My girl heard me listening to this and laughed and said I thought u hated country, u make me turn it whenever I listen to country
Me: this isn't country
My girl: what is it then?
Me: powerful
Mandy Rutherford
Brand whiskey
google gal
This sounds like Etta James to me. Has her estate sued him? Assuming she wrote "I'd Rather Go Blind". Just checked. It is "co-credited to her but written by Ellington Jordan.
Marg Lewis
My family ,my love for all them.To me that is smooth..I love my family.
Derek Two Eagle
He’s gone RIP god bless his family
Enoch Owusu
This song is tear me apart. Very good song
Joseph McDonald
This isn't country, this is soul.
Brandon Blanks
This is like the best damn song ever
Best song ever!!!
milk and cookies
Love this song
joselo Fel
Soy mexicano y amo esta musica, no quiero likes si es que algun hispano lee este comentario, solo quiero que sierres los ojos y digas yo tambien hermano????
amy one
grave top...
HD Jake
Go watch the person that actually wrote this song, his name is David Allen coe . It will ruin the song for you lol
Sounds just like "Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind" !
Downhill Nut
Dont know how i ended up here but dam what a great tune.
I’m here because of mask off lol
Brenda Kraft
Awsome song
Eugene Tucker
I can listen to this song all day long an never get tired of it
Victor Jesus Reyes
Maravillosa canción y tremenda interpretación
Nomi Lomi
Chris Stapleton you should team up with JP Cooper for a track. You guys would harmonise PERFECTLY together
Jacob Locey
Chris has talent, but this doesn't even come close to as good as the original.
hulaine windham
You don't have to be county to sing like that
Austin Thornley
Sounds suspiciously like “I’d rather go blind” by Etta James
I was in jail years ago and the night staff use to play this every night Thank You ????????????????
I'm soul through and through just love it
John Davies
This makes me mellow. Thank you man.
Dugan Dejolie
when are you come too phinx Arizona sing ther I like the song
When I was little, it was David Allen Coe....but Chris just blows it away like it never existed.
Bradley Rotterman
Love Me Some Tennessee Wiskey..
marlon santos silva
Como pode 138 mil pessoas não curtir... triste por elas..
Fernando Rivas
Una canción preciosa
Faith Brown
Love God world
Faith Brown
Believe and everything will be ok
Faith Brown
Jesus help this morning and we can make it
Nueva Era Rodeo
No le entiendo ni madres porque no se inglés pero me encanta ????❤️????
Jerry Stone
This is a forever song.
Chris Woodall
Faith Brown
Lord thanks for letting me keep understanding today
Landan Arceneaux
Nicolaza Quiroz
You sing like the gods ...... I love your music
Billy DAttilio
Incredible talent and voice. Remarkable. It's as if Jesus sang blues and country. Unbelievable
Shanna Mcgregor
Sexy ass song. Love it!
Travis Downing
Who's listening to Etta James being ripped off in 2020... everyone.
Not a country fan but this song hits differently.
Reminds me of Fade Into You by Mazzy Star.
Nisn Lazar
Who's gonna listen to this song in 2021?
Evita Teutsch
Fajjerinho _
This song should have been in “ sons of anarchy “
Chris rocks me to my soul❤️
paulekas #
capleton would say, hey brother' ☺
Wow... what a voice... first time hearing this. I’m a 32yr old metal head/electronica lover, give or take other stuff. But this is phenomenal. Good music knows no boundaries. Wow, beautiful.
Jay Walker
It makes me drunk even i don't drink ????
Wth hates this song? Wow! So many evil heartless people in this world.
Juan Correa
Blues is such a soulful genre... The magical convergence of a few basic chords, and those short but meaningful licks in the middle of the rumble, then the amazing complement of bass and drums creating a perfect rhythm.
That's something that's very valuable
Michael Anthony Simms
It was Fun. Let's continue the game's
Brookie Cloud
2020 all the wayy✊????????????
cg hm
This shit is fire brother! Fucking fire... And it burns .
Deep within my heart
bb bruno
Great song for Peaky Blinders
NorCal OntheRight
404 million views. This precious gift from heaven has the angelic voice of all humanity! ????❤️
tyler Harrison
My grandma love this song????????????????????????????
Brian Yerks
2020 anyone
Kendra H
I love this song he has so much soul this what I call real soul ????????????????????????????
Family And Friends
Absolutely emotional, amazing song, great voice, I adore it!
Eliud Ramon Pineda Palacios
Un gran tema
This is the 3rd best version
Link Pacek
This song reminds me of my papa that dead yesterday
Tennessee whiskey sung to an Etta James tune which I think could be done by the swampers.. of course it's gonna sound good.
Shane Puckette
Always good.
Lars Hellström
This song whid chriss
Tennessee whiskey is one of my favorite hes voise a amasing love contry all my life to i die lars Sweden
daedra hamilton
I love this song came me down when I get mad and my mom love it to she song it all the time
javi Feri
El ritmo del buen sexo????
Damn Smoothskin
Came here from the guy slurping whiskey off his own cock ????????????
the "loop play" button .. stuck in forever loop mode ♫

Kenny teets
My mom danced in our dinning room with me or mybrothhers or sister's in a home that was so messed up and we all made it out rest in peace (mama)joy teets
Arnold Ogle
Me and my dad love the songs that you sing
Joseph Gaines
I love this song
Drinking Jack Daniels while listening in 2020
Arthur Edward Bond
Who's listening with me in 2020 ❤????????????
Rubaiyat Azad
Absolute beauty
Dennis Patrick Ellis
found this song on the mountain 1st, then on the riverbank riverview hotel, and now life is better bc i am on my own. Manni, and Dennis, the life 101.
Donna Turner
Sang Chris Sssaaanngg

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