Macey Hughes
Such a great song. I mean how can you not love it. Born and raised on country music. I’m here when this video has only 9 likes.
Paula Jay
Love this song and video!! ❤️🍻🎸🤠
Nicole Lynne
Music Lover
I fell in love with this song from the first words. I started crying when I heard the lyrics
Mitchell Trubisky
Top 5 country song this year
ImaBigBoss Channel
I fell in love with my girlfriend to this song😭
Shirley D. Smith
Chris Lane I love every song I'll buy every CD you have Awsome voice
Jacob Clark
I've been trying to get my local radio station to play this since I heard it back in December! Love it!!!
Jeff Clark
Your stooped smith
Jeff Clark
You guys are stoopid
Country bubba fan Yee yee
He is gonna go to Cincinnati Ohio and I live in Ohio
Mary Fiorello Jeanfreau
I love you this song so much
Nicole Lynne
Still can’t help but listen again & again 😍
Nicole Lynne
Chris Lane you’re welcome
gacha fandoms YT
I'm so glad I got to see this love at the Brad Paisley concert :)
Crystal Harber
Great song
Jasmine Deline
I love country music
Jasmine Deline
I love this song I love all of them and I love you
Montana Eldridge
Love this song
Kevin Rodriguez
Love this song i ask my girl out with this son
Kailynn Garren
I was at the concert and it was dazzling I loved it so much and I love this song for the little girl that was priceless honestly I cryed but I loved it😂😍
Mary Wilson
Chris Lane
Svea Modrow
😍😍😍😍 I love this song
Charley Varrick
I dont give a fuck what u think
Charley Varrick
U wouldn't have this neither prolly if it wasnt for me ..fuck u
Madison Walker
This is my favorite song 100%
Tiana Stojicevic
There are certain songs that just strike a heartstring, that are unforgettable, this is one of those songs.
chris miller
How has this song not blown up
Mercedes Owens
I cried because this is a beautiful song
Shyanne Allen
my boyfriend & I’s song ❤️
Lexie Strebel
This is me and my husbands song... its gonna be at our wedding
• P o l l y •
Omg am I actually talking to chris lane ahh fan girling
Oh if you are 1 question
Have you met sam hunt and also this is my favorite song!😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Kaylyn Haley
This broke meh heart😢💔
I love this song i cant stop listening to it it makes me cry ters of joy i love it so so much they belong together ❤
Plastic Wrap
It all started at a family reunion when he was six 💅🏽
BlueOval You
The lyrics is 🔥🔥🔥, and then that beat is Godly! It just go together so well. Makes me want to grab my wife and dance!
I'm just getting into country and I love this song! So catchy
Tarys Vojinov
My husband said this song reminds him of me every day.
Jake Spriggs
Chris "Smooth Grooves" Lane
Dee Harris
I don't know about anyone else but I like this song.
Emma Lynn
This is my Favorite Song
jacob1here 1
Also sing this song
Steven Cannon
Hittin home hard
Punam Chetri
Country song is just insanely awesome.. Im in love with chris lane i love you 3000...your damn true heart.. Love you
Cutter Hale
When ever I get a girlfriend lord willing this will be one of the songs I play her!
I usually hate country music but I heard this song three days ago on the radio and for some reason the verse is amazing and addicting.
lily mason
Me and my gf chloes song
Tara Callahan
My Favorite song
Joanna Wilson
Went to the concert last night brad paisley concert. In Connecticut
Shauna Lewis
i got a gf becaude of this song
Ramsey Rudd
I love this song
Helen Hamlin
I just got home from the Florida Georgia line concert and he was the opener... it was amazing, he touched me!!
Grace Gallops
My husband comes home with this song blerring lound with base
Shawntaya Gardener
This makes me think of Hayden and miles
OneDudeInBlackAF1'S K
If somebody sends me this song... What does that mean?
cassie mitchell
Post more
Christy Gray
love this song 100%%%%%%%
Amie Engle
Country music ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Anthony Seguinot
I love this song
SwampMonzter Ace
Tell me everything is a hit
Shauna Arnold
I love it.
My favorite country song
karen archer
Best song ever so loving and heartwarming
Good country! Fell in love with it instantly when I heard it on my radio! 👏
Can someone make a 10 hour version??? PLZ
Angie Fenn
I love you Chris ❤
Hell An
You & the guys rocked the Royal Arena in Copenhagen 5.10.2019.. Next time, beer is on me! ;)) Keep on rocking it, see you when you come back over.. Thanks for the awesome concert!
Vanoss not VanossGaming
Chris I love this song
Nicholas Lauer
why do people dislike this song?
Mindy Gadberry
Love this
christopher saari
Thank you
Goofy L
I love this song and you Are AWESOME!!!
Terry Jones
He needs to come to Virginia Beach
Kaitlyn Bell
I love this song, love how clear the audio is😊
Summer Patterson
Me to I love this song so much
Gage114 Team
This song is sexy✌🏻
Ellarose Harris
I ❤️ this song
Kara Lane
this is lit im a girl btw
Melissa sep
In love with this song!💕
Senga Locking
This song is so cool and Epic😇😎❤😍👍🏻😉😏😀😊🤘🏻👌🏻👍🏻✌🏻
Shandel Funk
This is my repeat song ♥️
Jenna Landry
We like the song because it is great song

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