Peter Siddiqui
Thank you Frank. Your usual high standard 👍
Ingrid Boemo
Meraviglioso, grazie 🤗
Peter Christo
Well done
Tara Anderson
Thank you, Frank!♥️
Michelle Parker
Thank you, Frank. Your vids you create with George are absolutely wonderful! I always look forward to watching them repeatedly. Such a pro!
Karen Dalton
Fantastic. Great job! This should be the “Official Video” for this song. I’m sure it would be George approved.
Tania Blandon
Hermoso 💘😍😍❤❤
Jeannie Martinez-Pacheco
Thank you Frank, I appreciate your dedication to excellence! I could hardly wait to see your amazing video creation for George's new song!! I can always feel the love, respect and devotion in every single video you've made for our George! So grateful for your time and efforts and so worth the anticipation!👏🎥💯🎉♥️💜
Janice Beasley
His heart is better than that..... Love the video!
super,love george michael forever
carol white
Love the song Another masterpiece video Frank
Fantastic! Thx!!!
Maria jose Rodríguez Gutiérrez
Of the best edited videos I've seen, compiles almost all of Yog's work, congratulations !!
George Evangelia
Perfect 🌸
Flavia Petrini
Thank you Frank 😍, wonderful video 🔝
Claudia cuore
Perfect video. Thankyou for making another one of your videos special❤️
Emma Gibson
Awesome! Great video compilation :)
Robert Acquarulo
I totally agree. This video should be the Official Video for this newly released GM song. Frank Eagle puts out quality videos as you can see. I am so disappointed at the other vidoes out there and am glad Frank took it to the next level.
Mara Cis
Troppo bello, mi manchi mio George ❤
Yog 64
Thank you so much you've captured George so amazingly. Still so painful and you're doing your very best to help us remember George without so much sadness.... for me it helps a little bit . RIP my dear George.
Chris So
Wonderful video💙👌
Claudia Van Toor
love it ❤️❤️
A perfect professional job done with love and care Frank : congrats !!!
Gennaro Brandi
Dear Frank, I think this video tribute is simply amazing 😍😍😍 Congratulations for your wonderful work 👍Oh...I forgot to say that this new song is FANTASTIC♥️♥️♥️ I LOVE YOU GEORGE...TILL THE END OF TIME ♥️♥️♥️
Real Sense
Love this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fantastic!!! Well done mate!
Man really enjoyed that ! Made me happy
He's sooooooo fuc#ING COOL
a new album would be AMAZING
nice one Frank 👍👍
Awesome editing Frank!
davide tavella
Grande Frank! Video stupendo, sembra quasi di vedere un suo video originale. Mi sono venuti i brividi e questo significa che hai fatto un ottimo lavoro. Continua così, George ha bisogno di persone che portino avanti la sua musica! Grazie ♥️
Wendy Abbott
SUPER video Frank and George as ever soooooh beautiful. What a truly talented man he was absolutely the full package. Will miss him ALWAYS. 😢😢
Yannis Yannoulis
Dear Frank, I have no words!!! You've done a FANTASTIC job with this video!!!! WELL DONE!!! You've put together, many great shots of George from various other official and unofficial videos and made an AMAZING video!!!
Pascale Sabatier
Thank s good
nicola bruce
Never fails to give us another beautiful song he’s forever here with us through his wonderful music thankyou George and to his family who help to carry on with his brilliant work love and thankyou x
Kris Chary
The perfect video for this song, .... super, mega, just great :)
Katrina Michaels
BRAVO, Frank. Positively should be official video for this song. Again Georgios delivered, love it, 💕💕🥀🥀🥀
Asia Asiek
❤❤❤amore eterno ❤❤❤
carla askilysest
Chi sono i 3 dementi che hanno messo il pollice in giù?
Mel J
I am in LOVE with this video!!! You’ve done it again!!!♥️♥️♥️Thank you so much for sharing this!♥️♥️♥️
Anette Nilsson
Totally in love in this song ❤️❤️❤️
Gorgeous Genious George, so sad, so sad, think there is so much more music the Team can release, If they will.
Can listen to the soundtrack fr the movie several times a day.
This is so AMAZING, just like the singer ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for sharing ❤️
Sam pesyan
Frank! Very nice clip...from 33 till 37 seconds ...what music video is this?
Teuta Freedom
È stupenda, George merita il nostro amore, grazie frank.
Soul Inspiration
This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you❤Xx
Yiannis T Style
Super fantastic video superb song μπραβοοοο
May I be allowed to congratulate you for the anniversary of your rather wondrous channel as a tribute to MR GEORGIOS KYRIACOS PANAYIOTOU aka. MR GEORGE MICHAEL R.I.P. , December the 23rd., 2019 ✨thank you✨
On the other hand, this synopsis/vid is very very impressive: Where truthful devotion exists, dedication gives wings to any pursuit and endeavor👐Your editing skills serves splendidly to your sensitive & sensible commitment towards an artist and humanitarian of excellence such as YOG✋🏻👐🌿𝔂🕊👐🤚🏻May He rest in Peace within Our Lord's Infinite Mercy & Compassion along and with his beloved mother Lesley A Harrison's amorous embrace and his soulmate Anselmo Feleppa's love, Merriest of Christmas ✨♡✨
This song was in Last Christmas
Thank you so much, Frank. This genius edit is a joyful masterpiece. I'm so happy and grateful for all your contributions to George's legacy and community. Wishing you all the best in 2020.
Sue Ford
R.I.P ❤
Nick Stellas
When are we going to have a full album with new material from George.

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