Jay Chapman
I love you baby... ????❤️
Lyndsey Pike
your voice????????????????
yeehaw cowboys
girl leave your boots by the bed we aint leaving this room
Macenzie Dayak
I wish he did more songs like this and Chasing You that showcase his voice and how amazing it is besides stuff like Up Down
Not a bad Cover of Jason Isabel's Song, but Jason does it 1000 times better since he actually wrote the song and can tell he lived the song.
Melinda Jones
I absolutely love this song now that Morgan Wallen has covered it, gives me goosebumps, I just couldn't get into Jason Isbells version
Steven Holloway
Love this song
Nicole Lynne
Great song
Harry Yrrah
Damn, his voice is magical! I feel blessed for hearing it
Zach Ayers
Jason isbell is one of the greatest song writers of our generation!!
Brayden Kridner
Morgan wallen did a way better job on this song than Jason isbell ever could have
Done told yea, id chop the wood... ???? love this song..
Would be nice if you could actually make out what he was singing and he didn’t slur every word
Mina Shakir
This cover is so beautiful and raw, I’m so obsessed with your songs man keep it up!!!
James Helie
This song is incredible WOW
Steve Hannah
Pretty damn good for a Sneedville, TN over home boy!! Good job!!
alex gottwalt
So good ????
kaci with a K
I love this song and I know there’s some deep meaning behind the lyrics but I don’t know what it is can anyone tell me?
Dakota Kilcrease
Jason Isbell's version is so much more real and raw.
Noble Savage
this guy should win best song of 2019. hands down. so good. cant stop listening.
John Rademacher
Damn fine cover, damn fine.
Matthew Mann
The story behind this song is possibly greater than the song. Jason Isbell and his now wife, Amanda Shires went to separate sides of their home to write their own song for their own albums. Amanda played hers and the Jason played this masterpiece. After hearing it, he said if she liked he knew she was the one. This song pure love for someone who saves us from ourselves
sarah watson
Till piercy priest breaks open wide and the river runs through...this is low key talking about giving her an orgasm... besides being a love song...lol I love this song man!!!!
Jacob Crawford
I can't tell you how much this song reminds me of 'Outskirts of Heaven' by Craig Campbell
Miss you Shannen Maxwell❤️
Pete Poter
Morgan sings this better than Jason but Jason writes real music while Morgan writes reguritaded Florida georgia line slime
Eddie Thompson
Dam Good singing and THAT WAS REAL COUNTRY MUSIC not the stuff coming out of CRAPVILLE these days
Macy Wallen
I am crying????????
Nikki Gibson
The man I love introduced me to this song telling me its everything he ever wanted to say to me in a song! The tears flowed of course! I love you so much Lanny Griffett! #someoneknewyouweremeantforsomeone
charlene boucher
love it
Gracie Trent
It gives me chills bc it’s so good
Tannic 987
Morgan Wallen and Chris Stapleton would pound the piss out of a song, what a team up that would be.
rhec Austin
Such a beautiful and underrated song by you man i love it so much
Eric Mullins
Jason Isabel is a hell of a song writer
Laura Lea Fant
I’m in love Morgan with his voice it changes in this song
Jennifer Miller
My granddaughter played this song and you are a great singer
......... hate it when people don’t credit the original songwriter in title. ????
McKinley Ellis
Him and Luke combs would sound good together
Tea Owens
i’ve had this on repeat since it came out. BUT if someone could make an 8D audio version of this,, that would be great :))
Now that's REAL country music. Thank you.
Sara Slater
My boyfriend showed me this song and it’s now my favorite
Lindsey Eldridge
I listen to this song every morning on the bus lol kinda like RN????
Kayla Johnson
Obsessed with this song. Got me all in my feels ????
Melinda Cook
Truly amazing
Missing you Shannen❤️
Moran Wallen has quickly become one of my all time fave artists!!! <3
Taylor Knox
i love this song so much!!!!!!!!
This song is so god damn good
Nina Guzman
I've always heard this song playing in the background at work while browsing through YouTube..... Actually pulled up the lyrics & LISTENED today... Omg.. can I love this like 1000X?!?!?
Andrew Shepherd
No matter where you are from you can’t beat country music
collab with brad paisley!
Good suicide song
Sandra Mccoy
Morgan i never get tried of listening to u . Your just awesome as can be
Liz Killmer
I love this this song so much! It's my favorite right now.
To my twin flame Natalie.
Cindy Fitchett
This song is for my grandson Alex who we lost July 27th 2019 and for his girlfriend Jessi..Godspeed Alex
June Gemini
Why didn't you cover Traveling Alone by Jason Isabel it is a really good song
Skyee Pack
I absolutely love this song ❤
I love your songs
Sheila Pollock
Radio. get busy..Country Radio.I can come play it for you..
Anthony Taylor
This is a cover of Jason isbell. Don’t get it confused.
Folly Fol
In an industry where all the music does is demoralize youth and society, I finally came across a beautiful meaningful song... Jesus brought me here... My whole spirit feels amazing .. Most amazing song I've heard in my lifetime
James W
My heart is on the run
Adanna Bauman
Better then the original ????????????
Brent Hall
Hate to say it...Isbell may have wrote it...Morgan owns it.
John Ward
Jason Isbell is still the OG, but this is a great take on the song
Joseph Hewitt
Jason Isbell created it and did it better
Caleb Beesley
Jason isbell is so much beter.
Sadie Jones
This song I feel in my chest, I wanna cry and dance, Thank you morgen.
Damn good cover, Wes Bayliss of The Steel Woods does an amazing job too
Éric Courroux
wow !! This sound very country and i love it......This is one of Morgan Top song
Can't stop the tears.
Kassy Calleros
This song is so beautiful I will never get tired of hearing this song! Thanks
CTO Drive
and I aint goin out to chop wuuu-ooo-ooood lol ????
Cartersville 1285
Wow. This song touched me in so many ways. Absolutely beautiful. I can tell this came straight from his heart. Thanks Morgan
Sophia Osborn
This rendition is so amazing. Can’t stop listening to it, your voice is perfect MW
Jayden Jamieson
Rodney Atkins version is better
Erik Brice Ledford
If all his music sounded like this I might listen to him more
Tammy Preston
Love this song!
Cory Bird
Sounds like Chris Stapleton song
Sheila Pollock
Bad ass song..
Tania Flamand
This song gives me chills every single time ‘ I can listen to this song so many times in one day♥️ Morgan Wallen did amazing ♥️????????
Cory Bird
This song sounds like similar song I’ve heard before
alan meyer
Shit I don't even like country....
....I sure as hell like this though.
alex mcmanus
Heard this as background music on an episode of the ranch and played the scene 10 times until I was able to scavenge up some lyrics to look up. I'm in love.
Matthew Crocker
This song gives me hope in life that I've lost when I got divorced. It was the most painful thing I've ever felt. I have faith that life can be different even through your worst nightmares
Currently Ash
I honestly can’t wait to see this dude in February ????❤️
Chris Rauch
This is amazing.
I used to go to church with Morgan and his dad was my preacher
Danna J Smith-Aldridge
I could listen to this song again and again.
Austin Underhill
It’s cold in this house
And I ain’t going out to chop wood
So cover me up
David Menefee
Definitely feeling this song..... damn
Bradley C.
Y’all can thank Jason Isbell for this song????????
Rosemary Satterfield
800 people don't know a good song when they see one am I right
Becki Yarrington
Becki Yarrington l Love you Morgan wallen ????????????
Jeremy Grigg
Way to ruin a great song!
Leann Wright
Love this!! His voice is amazing❤❤❤
Parker Folsom
Great version but Jason owns this song
Mary Dawood
Gorgeous song.
Santana Rivera
Shelby Allshouse
I love this song, I won't forget the memories. Thank you. I won't listen to this without thinking of them. ????????
Gracie Wilson
This is by far my favorite song from him!!!!
Jacob King
Over home is proud of you Morgan ????
ScarletWolf 227
I'm going to have to learn to play this song on my dad's guitar. I always have this song and whisky glasses on repeat, they will never get old.
Travis Little
Jessica Day
Nothing can ever touch the original version of this song by the person who wrote it (Jason Isbell). However, I am glad to see that his music is getting more widely recognized, even if he isn't the one singing it.
Carpe Diem
Oh lord the vodka is taking effect! Gotta love some heart warming country! I love all of y'all, I hope y'all are holding your loved ones!
Shelby Boucher
Wow, I didn't think this song could get any better, but boy does Morgan Wallen lift it up to a whole new level.
I Which me and you Were to gather
Kendra Mclain
Repeat ALL DAY. LOOOVE THIS SONG!!!! ????????????????????????????????
Caitlin Holland
Dang...heard the hype...but wow
Aimee Drost
This song I'll be dancing with my future husband to, for the first time ❤
Libby wedding 2020 ????
mike doe
No credit to Jason wtf https://youtu.be/S-s3vuXopS4
Josie Molinar
Morgan Wallen, you've done it again man
anna marie alvin
Cannot stop listening Beautiful Song
Quill Blood
You said "magnolias bloom" and my heart cried
Matt _
Morgan sings this the best so far... Hands down.. Im not drunk.
Elda Urrutia
Such an under appreciated song. This song was beautifully composed and deserves an award for the feelings it pours into your soul ❤️
brookie carter
lost count of how many times i’ve played this but i think its fine
Keith Garnett
A great rendition of a great song! I'm sure Jason was impressed as we all are...
persia Franklin
Love you Morgan????❤️????
Turner_ Powell
You and Luke Combs need to make a song together

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